[ISN] Microsoft engineers discussed Windows bug - WSJ

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Sat Aug 29 1998 - 02:33:28 PDT

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    New York, (Reuters) - In 1991, when a competitor threatened to break
    Microsoft Corp.'s lock on desktop software, Microsoft engineers discussed
    an unusual counterattack: a software bug to be hidden inside an early
    version of Microsoft Windows, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.
    In a Sept. 30, 1991, message about the plan that referred to members of
    his team in the shorthand of electronic mail, David Cole, head of Windows
    development, told another executive that "aaronr had some pretty wild
    ideas after three or so beers -- earleh has some too." If the bug detected
    a rival's program, he further wrote, it would "put competitors on a
    treadmill" and "should surely crash at some point shortly later." Cole
    also warned that the existence of the bug had to be kept secret, the
    Journal reported. 
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