Re: [ISN] Cell Phone jammers now for sale

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 - 21:22:36 PDT

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    Reply From: Gary Mounfield <maniat_private>
    > >From CNET.COM Newsletter Today
    > After my vacation in Greece--which was wonderfully free of
    > URLs, but packed with more obnoxious cell phone users per
    > square mile than any place I've ever been--I stumbled across a
    > disturbing but interesting new technology that allows you to
    > jam the airwaves and prevent cell phone calls within a
    > prescribed radius.
    > "Jamming" is already happening in Japan, a country that could
    > probably put the mobile-phoning Grecos to shame. The Wave
    > Wall, by a company called Medic Inc., is a cigarette-sized
    > transceiver with a 20-foot jamming radius. It's a pricey $480,
    > but cafes, theaters, and high-end restaurants are already
    > using these devices to keep the peace.
    I really want a decent cite for this device or company. Until I see one of
    these *for sale commercially to the public* this is the worst kind of
    vapourware. As I've been saying for the past 9 months these devices may
    exist , and do in certain military forces , but have not previously been
    sold to the public. the legal implications are such that no major
    corporation can link themselves with such devices. They are already
    illegal to import in several jurisdictions under existing laws on RF
    emissions, spectrum use, telecoms regulation, etc etc.
    Cite Cite Cite.
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