[ISN] PhreakNIC v2.0 announcement

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 - 05:22:36 PDT

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    Good lord! It's                                              v2.00 09/01/98
    `88888b. 88   88 .d88888 888888P   oOo  `88~  dP~88   d88 Y8888P  o888b.
     88   8D 88   88 88'  88 88       dP Yb  88  dP  88  d8V8   88   d8P~~Y8
     88ood8F 88ooo88 `Yboo88 88oood  dC   5b 88,dP   88 d8V88   88   88   
     8888F~  88~~~88   d8'88 88~~~T  88ooo88 88`Yb   88d8P 88   88   88
     88      88   88  dV  88 88      88~~~88 88  Yb  888P  88   88   Y8L..d8
    d88b     88   88vdV   88v888888b.88   88v88,  Yb.88P   88 d8888b  Y888P'
    1010000  1001000 1010010 1000101 1000001 1001011 1001110 1001001 1000011
    Who: se2600 (Nashville/Atlanta hackers) What: a weekend of hacking, panel
    discussions, partying and other mayhem Where: Drury Inn south, I-24 and
    Harding Place, Nashville TN, 615.834.7170 When: 30 October - 01 November Why:
    why not?
    Greetings! This is the initial invitation to and announcement for PhreakNIC, a
    convention for hackers, phone phreaks, cypherpunks, programmers, civil
    libertarians, ham/scanner enthusiasts and culture jammers. Not one of the
    above? No prob. Network engineers, ISP owners, sysops, security consultants,
    the generally curious and (especially) those who want to learn about some of
    the more "underground" elements of our technological culture are all
    encouraged to attend. We're even inviting a few feds.
    The con starts 3:00pm Friday and runs nonstop until noon Sunday; there
    may be a few additional events afterwards, so check our contact site at
    http://se2600.org/phreaknic on a regular basis. There will be live djs,
    films and videos, a series of lectures and panel discussions from 1:00pm
    to 6:00pm Saturday, a costume party and mini-rave Halloween evening, and
    numerous informal tech talks and demos. We're also providing space to the
    Nashville Linux User's Group for a Saturday install-fest and swap meet.  
    A computer network will be set up early Friday for a weekend-long session of
    r00t wars. The goal will be to hack into as many LOCAL machines as possible
    and take them over, while preventing the same from happening to you.
    Participants will learn a LOT about internet and network security. Bring you
    own ethernet/RJ45 equipped computer(s); the network will be TCP/IP.
    Why are we doing this?
    A very wise man once said "Don't get mad at the media, BECOME the media!"
    We see this as a chance to dispel many of the misconceptions and outright lies
    spread by certain greedy corporations (especially those in the
    telecommunications industry) about our subculture, expose the bad laws their
    lobbyists sponsor and our politicians pass (usually over the protests of
    experts), and chastise the mainstream media for frequently poor and biased
    reporting (and for perverting the word "hacker", which was a complement up
    until the 80's). Assuming anyone wants to listen, that is...
    It's also an excuse for a big party Halloween weekend. See ya there!
    PS - Did we mention that its free?
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