Re: [ISN] The right way, the wrong way and the DoD way.

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon Sep 14 1998 - 07:40:30 PDT

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    >Reply From: Matthew Patton <pattonat_private>
    >Totally IMO but the really gifted guys in my experience don't have any
    >sheepskins, ok maybe a bachelors. They wouldn't be caught dead with a PHd
    >let alone having to cross their t's and dot their i's for 6+ years in
    Simply FYI.  If someone comes into our program with a good undergrad
    background and some focus, it is possible to finish in as little as 3
    years.  Average tends to be closer to 5 years, however.
    >It's a scary thought that we've yet to have a pure computer (33Sxc) guy get
    >a star. Damn fighter jocks think they know how to run everything.
    Lt. General Ken Minihan is pretty close.  His background is intelligence
    and electronics systems security.  And he's got 3 stars.    But policies
    get set still further up the line, and many of the DoD's problems stem from
    the civilians setting directions based on politics instead of common sense.
    Minihan is one of many people who knows how things should be done, but the
    system allows only so much leeway when you're in uniform.  That's good in
    most cases -- the military should answer to civilian authority.
    Unfortunately, political appointees don't often get named because of their
    technical ability.
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