[ISN] ISS Dominates Live Intusion Detection Showcase

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Date: Mon Sep 14 1998 - 01:25:33 PDT

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    ISS Dominates Live Intusion Detection Showcase
    ATLANTA (Sept. 10) BUSINESS WIRE -Sept. 10, 1998
    New version of RealSecure successfully detects and stops a wide variety of
    real-world hacker attacks including BackOrifice back door program Internet
    Security Systems (Nasdaq:ISSX) revealed yesterday the latest technology
    against network intruders as it demonstrated its newly updated intrusion
    detection system, RealSecure(tm), to a live audience at InfowarCon being
    held this week in Washington D.C. 
    As part of the session, conference organizers set up a real-world network
    and launched numerous attacks in a series of attempts to compromise
    targeted systems.  RealSecure dominated the competition by recognizing the
    widest variety of both Unix and Windows NT-based attacks.  RealSecure not
    only detected these attacks in real-time, but successfully responded to
    the break-ins by recognizing the intruders and sending off alarms. 
    RealSecure, the market-leading intrusion detection system, is an
    around-the-clock, unobtrusive monitoring system that automatically
    recognizes and responds instantly to suspicious network activity. 
    In addition to the technology demonstration, Chris Rouland, director of
    the ISS X-Force, a team of security experts dedicated to researching the
    latest security vulnerabilities and threats, provided the audience with
    new information on the vital need for intrusion detection systems in
    corporate and government environments as a proactive measure for
    protecting critical networked information. 
    "Intrusion detection software is a critical element of network security
    for any organization that is concerned with protecting their online
    assets," said Chris Rouland, director of X-Force at ISS.  "In addition to
    static security safeguards, such as firewalls and encryption,
    organizations need an automatic feedback loop for understanding the state
    of their enterprise security.  RealSecure is a critical element of
    adaptive network security management.  Its 24-hour monitoring and
    detection capabilities provide our customers with information security
    peace of mind.  Today's demonstration reveals that with the new version of
    RealSecure, ISS extends its lead in intrusion detection, providing
    customers with the best technology for actively protecting their
    networks."  About RealSecure 2.5
    The new version of RealSecure contains a significant number of new
    detection methods for the latest network attacks, as well as significant
    performance and management enhancements. 
       Highlights of the new features included in RealSecure 2.5 include:
    -- New detection capabilities for the latest attacks, including:
         - BackOrifice back door program
         - TearDrop denial of service attack
        - New DNS, FTP, and HTTP attacks
        - ActiveX and Shockwave attacks
         - NIS overflow attack
         - Statd dotdot and Statd overflow attacks
         - Rexd decode
         - Remote packet capturing tools detection, and
         - TCP hijacking tools detection.
    -- Faster performance with FDDI support
    -- Multi-platform management capabilities
    -- Automated database uploads from RealSecure engines to RealSecure
    -- Integration with Lucent Managed Firewall security server
    -- Incorporation of Certicom Elliptic Curve encryption for
       protecting data in transit between RealSource engines and
    Pricing and Availability
    RealSecure 2.5 is available now to select customers and will be widely
    available next week.  RealSecure, an ISS SAFEsuite(R) solution, carries an
    U.S. suggested list price of $8995 for a single perpetual license. About
    The Eighth Annual InfowarCon, a strategic conference from MIS Training
    Institute and Win Schwartau and InfowarCom, focuses on military operations
    and infrastructure protection in today's information-dependent world. 
    InfowarCon is designed for corporations, infrastructure firms and finance,
    military, intelligence, and law enforcement organizations.  This
    high-impact conference brings together military leaders, political forces
    and top experts from these sectors who will share their experience and
    provide proven tactics for
    defending enterprises and infrastructures from ever-increasing threats.
    For more information, visit the InfoWarCon web site at
    http://www.misti.com/infowar98/9sep.html.  About Internet Security Systems
    Internet Security Systems is the proven leader of adaptive network
    security management software with 30% market share.  ISS' SAFEsuite family
    of products provides protection across the Internet, extranets and
    internal networks, from attacks, misuse and security policy violations. 
    The Company has delivered its monitoring, detection and response software
    solutions to organizations worldwide, including firms in the Global 2000,
    9 of the ten largest U.S. commercial banks and over 35 governmental
    agencies.  For more information, call ISS at 678-443-6000 or 800-776-2362
    or visit the ISS web site at http://www.iss.net.  This release, other than
    historical information, includes forward-looking statements made pursuant
    to the "safe harbor"  provisions of the Private Securities Litigation
    Reform Act of 1995. The risks and uncertainties which could cause actual
    results to differ materially from those in the forward- looking statements
    include, but are not limited to, the following: the level of demand for
    the Company's products; the volume and timing of orders;  product and
    price competition; the Company's ability to expand its domestic and
    international sales and marketing organizations; the Company's ability to
    develop new and enhanced products; the Company's ability to attract and
    retain key personnel; the mix of distribution channels through which the
    Company's products are sold; the growth in the acceptance and use of the
    Internet and of private Internet-protocol networks or "intranets"; the
    extent to which unauthorized access and use of online information is
    perceived as a threat to network security; customer budgets; the assertion
    of infringement claims with respect to the Company's intellectual
    property; seasonal trends in customer purchasing; foreign currency
    exchange rates; general economic factors;  and risks concerning the rapid
    change of technology.  These risks and others are discussed in the
    Company's periodic filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 
    These filings can be obtained either by contacting ISS Investor Relations
    or through the Securities and Exchange Commission's Web site at
    "http://www.sec.gov".  NOTE TO EDITORS: Internet Security Systems,
    RealSecure and SAFEsuite, are trademarks of Internet Security Systems,
    Inc.  All other companies and products mentioned are trademarks and
    property of their respective owners. 
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