[ISN] 24,000 Domains Hacked in Japan

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri Sep 18 1998 - 04:21:08 PDT

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                   AntiOnline's Coverage Of
                   The 24,000 Hacked Domains
    The "Legions Of The Underground" (LoU), a group that's already noted for
    gaining access to several Time Warner Systems, has done the largest mass
    hacking of domains ever last night, what they claim is an estimated 24,000
    domains.  The domains were virtually hosted by an ISP in Japan
    (japan.co.jp), and the hack was apparently done to help garner support for
    Kevin Mitnick, and to speak out against the HFG. AntiOnline was sent a
    list of hacked domains from the LoU last night, and many of them still
    remain in their "hacked" state as of the time this report was filed. 
    AntiOnline was also informed that two non-LoU members also assisted with
    this hack, MetalTongue and GenoXide. 
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