[ISN] Chameleon (of MOD) Raided By The FBI

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri Sep 18 1998 - 05:16:02 PDT

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                   Chameleon Raided By The FBI
    Chameleon, aka sn1per, former member of the famed Masters of Downloading
    (MOD), the No|d crew, and Rhino9, was raided by the FBI and DOD officials,
    at the end of June. AntiOnline was informed of the raid by chameleon
    within hours of it taking place, but chose, at the request of chameleon,
    not to come forward with the story until now. Chameleon has made national
    news (including an appearence on the CBS evening news) several times. Most
    notably perhaps for his affiliation with the MOD. The MOD found national
    attention when it gained access to several military instillations, and
    data contained there in, including sensitive network management software
    (DEM), internal e-mails, and what they claim were network topology maps of
    siprnet, the internal classified DOD computer network. Chameleon has
    provided AntiOnline with an exclusive accounting of the raid, the months
    of breaking into systems, covering his tracks, taking money from what he
    says may be a foreign terrorist organization, and months traveling the
    country as a runaway. 
         Also, AntiOnline talks to the mysterious "Khalid Ibrahim" who claims
    to be a front man for a foreign terrorist organization that, according to
    chameleon and several other well known hackers, attempted to purchase
    potentially sensitive military data from them. 
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