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Date: Thu Sep 24 1998 - 00:43:36 PDT

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    7th September 1998
    Boost For Smart Aussie Company
    SNS The First To Be Granted U.S. Export Licence For High Security
    In a coup for Australian E-Commerce and secure business applications,
    Microsoft and the US Government have granted approval for a license of
    Microsoft's 1024 bit RSA Cryptographic Service to be provided in Australia
    by local security and E-Commerce solutions provider Rotek Consulting, a
    division of Secure Network Solutions Ltd (SNS). 
    SNS Managing Director Geoffrey Ross says users of this technology will be
    able to provide customers with smartcards without the risk of private key
    exposure, with seamless integration to Microsoft applications. 
    Restrictions on the use of highly secure technology from the US have
    previously limited the growth of E-Commerce in Australia, however the
    granting of the developer licence is a clear indication of confidence now
    being placed in Australian business. Rotek Consulting is the company that
    enabled the secure technology within Australia Post's KeyPost business.
    "This is an important step in the recognition of SNS as the major player
    in the provision of truly secure network solutions," Mr Ross says.  "Rotek
    is now in a position to accelerate its work in delivering trusted
    applications for the banking and finance sectors." 
    Rotek intends to use this technology to integrate its smart card offerings
    with the standard Microsoft cryptographic environment, as an extension of
    its "TrustedNet" service. The high key length coupled with the physical
    security of a smart card improves the digital signature strength to levels
    required by banks and government agencies and is consistent with the
    Federal Government's recently announced "Gatekeeper"  strategy.
    Rotek's "TrustedNet" technology allows government, business and consumers
    to use the same smart card for digitally signing their Internet banking
    transactions and to secure messaging services using S/MIME. Security
    certificates are issued internally by a company or through Australia
    Post's Key Post service. 
    "The granting of the export licence, an Australian first, enables Rotek to
    provide seamless support of Microsoft applications including SSL client
    certified processing. Most important to many of our customers, the
    applications developed by Rotek enables smart card-based S/MIME support in
    MS Exchange," says Rotek's General Manager, Ross Oakley. 
    This development is seen as another important step in the integration of
    smart cards into an "open security environment" which underpins the
    "TrustedNet" application suite. Rotek has deployed "TrustedNet" in support
    of banking, government and health applications worldwide. 
    Australian businesses have been hesitant to embrace E-Commerce and secure
    applications to date due to the lack of high data cryptography and open
    standards in the issuing of smart cards and secure messaging. A high level
    of trust is now afforded across a range of Microsoft applications opening
    the way for simpler administration and reduced costs.
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