[ISN] Next-Generation Technology Addresses Enterprise Security Concerns

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Date: Thu Sep 24 1998 - 00:23:47 PDT

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    Premier, Next-Generation Technology Addresses Enterprise Security Concerns
    08:08 a.m. Sep 22, 1998 Eastern
    FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 22, 1998--
    Portable C Library Enables Software and Network Device Developers to
    Integrate Advanced Intrusion Detection Capabilities
    As today's corporate enterprises encompass Extranet, Internet and Intranet
    traffic, security has rocketed to the top of the list of concerns for
    senior management. In response, security software and network device
    vendors are seeking to implement higher level security into their
    products. Internet Tools, Inc., a leading provider of advanced network
    intrusion-detection software, has the technology and tools available to
    allow these OEMs to quickly and effectively add advanced real-time
    protection capabilities to their products using its patent-pending
    Stateful Dynamic Signature Inspection (SDSI(TM)) technology. This portable
    C library enables 3rd party developers to integrate Internet Tools'
    advanced virtual processor and associated network attack signatures into
    any application requiring common, sophisticated, and customized
    network/resource protection and high availability. 
    "Security concerns grow with the criticality of network-based
    applications, and growing attackers sophistication is increasing the
    risks. Internet Tools has an impressive means for protecting Intranets,
    Extranets, and business applications against a range of complex attacks,"
    said John McConnell of McConnell Associates -- a security analyst firm in
    Boulder Colorado. He adds, "Administrators have a built-in repertoire of
    common attack profiles to use out of the box, and they have the means to
    quickly add new custom profiles as they deploy services. Both end-users
    and other security providers can take advantage of this unique approach."
    About The Market
    Security is an issue that hits every corporate user at the bottom line. 
    In fact, one 1998 CSI survey estimates that corporate losses due to
    security breaches reached over $136 million -- a 36 percent increase over
    last year. In the same survey, 54 percent of respondents said that the
    Internet is the most frequent point of attack. Market research firm
    Gartner Group predicts that over 80 percent of all computer users will
    have corporate Intranet access by the year 2000.  In addition, 60 percent
    of large enterprise Intranets are migrating to Extranets that include
    suppliers and other partners by the year 2000. These market drivers
    indicate a need for a complementary security solution that provides
    real-time protection. About SDSI(TM) 
    Currently, most intrusion detection systems rely on a built-in attack
    signature database. SDSI Technology incorporates a separate virtual
    processor, as well as attack signatures in the form of a set of
    instructions. "Many customers are looking for unobtrusive means to protect
    network resources and applications that are unique to their enterprise,"
    said Vimal Vaidya, CEO and founder of Internet Tools. "Our efficient and
    completely extensible technology offers developers an advanced,
    cost-effective and conveniently deployable real-time intrusion detection
    solution to meet these needs." 
    SDSI(TM) tracks the current state of all application sessions on a network
    and dynamically synchronizes attack signature in real-time. Not only can
    new Internet attack signatures be made available to customers as they are
    discovered, but customers can design their own resource-specific
    signatures against more intricate, company-specific attacks. 
    The SDSI(TM) virtual processor accepts instructions based on value and
    search primitives that are applied in real-time to session data in order
    to identify and respond to common or unique security violations. A
    high-level API offers a broad set of control, configuration, attack
    definition, notification, reporting and status functionality. This
    architecture offers a flexible and maintainable way for developers to
    augment their product with non-obtrusive, enterprise-scalable, real-time
    scanning of the network data stream against known and application-specific
    custom attack signatures. This technology can also be incorporated into
    devices that have a CPU to execute code and support OS calls as well as
    mechanisms to reconfigure and report. 
    SDSI(TM) offers the performance benefits of Stateful Multi-layer
    Inspection (SMLI) firewalls such as CheckPoint Software Technology's
    (Nasdaq:CHKPF) Firewall-1 and Cisco System's (Nasdaq:CSCO) PIX firewall.
    As an added benefit, the technology combines in the same package the
    security found in Proxy Firewalls such as Axent Technology's
    (Nasdaq:AXNT), Eagle Firewall, Network Associates' (Nasdaq:NETA)  Gauntlet
    firewall and Microsoft's (Nasdaq:MSFT) Proxy Firewall. SDSI(TM) technology
    is also compatible with current Open Platform for Secure Enterprise
    Connectivity (OPSEC) initiatives. About Partnerships
    For OEMs that want to add additional security functionality to their
    products, Internet Tools offers a wide range of licensing plans. To ensure
    timely, and cost-effective OEM implementation, the company can provide
    individualized consulting, training, marketing and review services to its
    partners.  About Internet Tools, Inc. 
    Internet Tools, Inc., a leading developer of advanced network intrusion
    detection software, pioneered Stateful Dynamic Signature Inspection
    (SDSI(TM)) technology which is incorporated in the company's flagship
    product, ID-Trak(TM).  ID-Trak(TM) transparently examines packets at
    near-wire speed to identify, log and terminate unauthorized use, misuse
    and abuse of computer systems by both internal users and external hackers.
    SDSI(TM) technology is readily available for licensing with a broad range
    of OEM price, development, maintenance and support options. Prospective
    customers, resellers, consultants and OEM's are encouraged to contact
    Internet Tools at 510/505-7830 or via email to salesat_private
    Visit the company's Web site at http://www.internettools.com. 
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