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Date: Fri Sep 25 1998 - 01:57:57 PDT

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                     International Cryptography Campaign Update
                                 24 September 1998
    - --------
      GILC Member Statement
      Press Coverage
      Industry Support
      National Coordinators
    - ------------
    An International Campaign has been established to influence the current
    round of negotiations over the Wassenaar Arrangement.  Among many other
    items the Wassenaar Arrangement covers restrictions on export of 
    cryptography from the 33 nations which are signatory to the Arrangement.
    Technical experts are currently meeting in Vienna to discuss the
    arrangement.  Some of the technical experts are proposing that export
    restrictions on strong cryptography should be tightened.
    GILC Member Statement
    - ---------------------
    On 15th September Members of the Global Internet Liberty Campaign issued
    a statement calling on the signatories to the Wassenaar Arrangement to
    remove controls over the export of cryptography.  The statement argues 
    that according to the stated aims of the Wassenaar Declaration it should not
    restrict the export of cryptography.
    Press Coverage
    - --------------
    Since the release of the GILC Member Declaration there has been press 
    coverage of the campaign in Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, the UK 
    and the US.
    Industry Support
    - ----------------
    Support for the GILC Member Declaration has been expressed by 23 companies 
    and associations, who have "signed" the following statement:
      We, the undersigned companies and associations support the Global Internet 
      Liberty Campaign Member Statement of 15th September 1998 calling for the 
      removal of cryptography export restrictions from the Wassenaar Arrangement.
    If your company or association wishes to "sign" the above support statement 
    and you are authorised to sign statements on behalf of your company or 
    association, please write to <signonat_private> giving your company or 
    association name, web address and country.
    National Coordinators
    - ---------------------
    Since the beginning of the campaign we have been searching for people to 
    coordinate the campaign in the 33 nations signatory to the Wassenaar 
    Arrangement.  To date we have coordinators in 16 of the 33 nations.  We are 
    still looking for coordinators in the remaining 17 countries.  National 
    coordinators are listed at <http://www.efa.org.au/wassenaar/country.html>.  
    If you are interested in taking part in the campaign please contact your 
    national coordinator.  If there is not one in your country please consider 
    taking on the role.  If you want to, or know someone who might, please 
    contact the International Campaign coordinator, Michael Baker 
    - -----
    The following are links to items mentioned in this update.
    International Cryptography Campaign Home Page
    Global Internet Liberty Campaign
      <http://www.gilc.nl/>     [GILC European mirror]
    GILC Member Statement calling for the removal of cryptography export
    restrictions from the Wassenaar Arrangement
    Campaign Press Coverage
    Company and Association support for the GILC Member Declaration
    Signon coordinator for support of the GILC Member Statement
    National Coordinators and other country information
    International Cryptography Campaign Coordinator
    This update
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