Re: [ISN] FBI Needs Victim's Cooperation to Nab Comp Crooks

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Wed Oct 07 1998 - 01:36:25 PDT

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    Reply From: Raj Mathur <rajut_private>
        mea> -- In 1994, criminals operating in several countries hacked
        mea> into the Citibank Cash Management System that is used for
        mea> functions such as wire transfers. They attempted 40 transfers
        mea> totaling $10 million.
        mea> -- Late last year, authorities in this country and Israel
        mea> arrested three teenagers who are suspects in a series of
        mea> intrusions into Department of Defense and other government
        mea> agencies' computers.
        mea> -- Earlier this year, a Massachusetts teenager pleaded guilty
        mea> to having crippled an airport's control tower by using a
        mea> computer to disable voice and data communications.
    I find this choice of nouns rather interesting. The people who hack
    Citibank are ``criminals''. The ones who potentially cause much more
    damage (crippling a control tower == potential danger to human life)
    are simply ``teenagers''. Does the choice of words reflect the
    writer's mindset or the status of investigations/court cases, or am I
    just being my normal paranoid self?
    -- Raju
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