[ISN] Network Associates Ships High-Performance Firewall

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Wed Oct 14 1998 - 22:10:20 PDT

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    [From today's Information Week Daily.  Try to make sense of the 
     last paragraph.  <smirk> - Will]
    Network Associates Ships High-Performance Firewall
    Network Associates yesterday starting shipping what it describes as
    advanced firewall technology. 
    As part of its new Gauntlet Firewall 3.0, Network Associates is shipping
    its patent-pending Adaptive Proxies firewall technology. The Adaptive
    Proxies technology combines the speed of packet-filtering firewall
    technology with the higher-level security of an application-proxy
    firewall. The Adaptive Proxies architecture uses a flexible packet filter
    to examine packets and direct packet flow based on the security levels
    determined in advance by the firewall administrator, Network Associates
    officials say. 
    Robert Brown, VP of Network Presence, a Los Angeles-based
    computer-security firm that tested the Network Associates product, says
    the Adaptive Proxy technology is 10 times faster than traditional
    application-proxy firewalls. "And we don't have to choose between [the
    speed of] a filter firewall and the security of application-proxy
    firewalls,"  says Brown. 
    The Adaptive Proxies technology is currently available in Gauntlet
    Firewall 3.0 for FTP; it will be available on Unix and the Windows NT
    Versions of Gauntlet later this year. 
    --Mary E. Thyfault
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