Re: [ISN] NT critic gets audience with DOD chieftains

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Wed Oct 14 1998 - 22:18:23 PDT

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    Reply From: Matthew Patton <pattont_private>
    Sounds like a lot of sour grapes. Typical of firms who prostrate
    themselves at the feet of the feds and sue and countersue if they didn't
    get their enormously lucrative contract. Heck, why compete in the real
    business world when you have the whole range of readily dupped gov't
    offices to cater to?  And his audience with C3I is probably not going to
    do him much good. His rant will be heard and after a minor flurry of
    activity (if that) will be summarily dismissed and henceforth ignored. I
    have dealt with C3I reps, even at high levels and read the constant BS
    that spews forth from the directives and the degree of clulessness is
    amazing. Those who read this list probably scoff at the whole C2 rating
    nonsense anyway. 
    The pheds don't need a C2 OS. They need properly trained, intelligent
    system operators and administrators to run their networks. Such
    individuals are in very short supply, especially among the ranks of gov't
    employees as well as the various beltway bandit corporations. Oh sure,
    they may have a MSCSE but as many of you can attest that doesn't mean
    squat. "C2" is nothing more than a checkbox and a warm blanket of false
    security. It is the ultimate cop out. "we use a C2 OS ==> secure. QED" I
    can point to many NT and unix installations with nominal C2 credentials
    that will give root or it's equivalent in short order. 
    Maybe Compaq is bankrolling this guy. Afterall, they are poised to make a
    ton of money selling "truly certified systems" to federal procurement
    agents. They own Digital too. 
    As to MS's misrepresentation of their evaulation, I have to say that every
    high to mid-level decision maker I've come across in the Pentagon believes
    in their heart that MS is C2 (even networked). To be informed to the
    contrary was a genuine shock to them. Someone has definately been playing
    loose with the facts. 
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