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Date: Mon Oct 19 1998 - 14:00:32 PDT

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    ISS Ships New Version of Market-Leading Security Vulnerability Detection
    ATLANTA (Oct. 19) BUSINESS WIRE -Oct. 19, 1998--
    Internet Scanner Provides Protection for Network Routers, Detects Latest
    Hacker "Back Door" Programs
    Internet Security Systems (ISS) (Nasdaq:ISSX) today announced the
    worldwide availability of a new version of the industry's first network
    security vulnerability detection software, Internet Scanner(TM) 5.4. 
    Internet Scanner 5.4 extends ISS' leadership position in Windows NT and
    Unix security assessment with the first solution for identifying router
    security weaknesses, including routers from Cisco Systems (Nasdaq:CSCO),
    Internet Scanner helps customers find more security weaknesses in more
    critical areas of the network enabling them to reap the benefits of open
    systems while actively protecting their valuable networked information. 
    "Routers are key parts of modern computing infrastructure," said ISS'
    Internet Scanner Product Manager, Ted Doty.  "Our customers have been
    increasingly concerned with security vulnerabilities that might affect the
    availability of their router networks, or which might possibly allow an
    attacker to take over the network fabric itself.  As the pioneer in
    security assessment, ISS now provides customers with the ability to detect
    security vulnerabilities in their routers before these problems are
    exploited against them." 
    An integral component of ISS' award-winning SAFEsuite(R) family of
    adaptive network security solutions, Internet Scanner performs a critical
    function in today's dynamic enterprise environment by enabling security
    policy enforcement and providing users with a way to measure and control
    their security risks. Internet Scanner automatically scans a network and
    identifies security holes utilizing a comprehensive and dynamic database
    of attacker methods and security vulnerability tests. Internet Scanner is
    the only solution available that thoroughly evaluates the security of an
    entire enterprise network and intranet including all Unix, Windows NT and
    Windows 95 machines and devices such as firewalls, Web servers, routers
    and applications. In addition to quickly identifying security weaknesses,
    Internet Scanner responds to these weaknesses through detailed, easy to
    understand corrective actions and automatic prioritization of security
    Detection of Hacker "Back Door" Programs Recent hacker activity has
    focused on the creation of Back Doors, or specialized programs that allow
    hackers to remotely control computers.  This remote control capability can
    provide hackers with complete system access and the ability to possibly
    steal or alter sensitive data. Information about Back Door programs is
    available from http://www.iss.net/xforce/alerts/advise8.html. 
    Two recently discovered Back Door programs are BackOrifice, from a group
    called Cult of the Dead Cow, and NetBus. With the new version of Internet
    Scanner 5.4, customers can protect themselves from these programs and
    other types of Back Doors by easily detecting and removing them before
    damage is done. 
    Mark Osborn, principal with the KPMG Information Risk Management Practice,
    said, "Our clients are concerned about the recent releases of hacker
    toolkits like BackOrifice and NetBus. ISS' leadership in providing the
    capability to detect these programs is the latest example of why KPMG is
    committed to using ISS tools as part of our comprehensive offerings." 
    Constant Product Updates Through the ISS X-Force Team A specialized task
    force of dedicated security experts, the ISS
    X-Force, is totally focused on uncovering and integrating the latest
    vulnerability information into Internet Scanner. ISS provides regular
    vulnerability updates and security alert advisories as well as necessary
    corrective actions so customers can be assured that they are protecting
    their networks with the latest security vulnerability information. 
    Pricing and Availability Internet Scanner 5.4 is immediately available.
    Users are invited to try out the new version free of charge by downloading
    an evaluation copy from the ISS Web site (http://www.iss.net).  Internet
    Scanner pricing varies depending on amount of network devices scanned.  It
    carries an U.S. suggested price of $2795 for a 30-device license and $4995
    for a Class C (254-device) license. 
    About Internet Security Systems Internet Security Systems
    (ISS)(NASDAQ:ISSX) is the pioneer and leading provider of adaptive network
    security delivering enterprise-wide information protection solutions. 
    ISS' award-winning SAFEsuite family of products manages security risks and
    enhances end user confidence in intranet, extranet and electronic commerce
    environments.  By combing proactive vulnerability detection with real-time
    intrusion detection and response, ISS' adaptive network security system
    creates a flexible cycle of continuous security improvement, including
    policy implementation and enforcement.  This comprehensive approach to
    network security strengthens the security of existing systems and has
    dramatically improved the security posture for organizations worldwide,
    making ISS a critical, trusted security advisor for firms in the Global
    2000, 9 of the ten largest U.S. commercial banks and over 35 governmental
    agencies.  For more information, call ISS at 678/443-6000 or 800/776-2362
    or visit the ISS web site at www.iss.net. 
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