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Date: Mon Oct 19 1998 - 14:13:17 PDT

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    Security Initiative Launched to Aid Industry Leaders and Protection of
    Nation's Critical Infrastructure
     ATLANTA AND STAMFORD, CONN. (Oct. 19) BUSINESS WIRE -Oct. 19, 1998--
    Project Spotlight to be the First Full Scale, Quantitative Information
    Security Risk Study Threats surrounding modern information systems are
    growing at an astounding rate. Culprits range from unskilled disgruntled
    employees looking for revenge to well-organized external organizations
    employing sophisticated structured attacks for industrial espionage. These
    information security concerns were a driving force behind the formation of
    the United States President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure
    Protection. In its initial findings the Commission stated, "The capability
    to do harm - particularly through information networks - is real; it is
    growing at an alarming rate; and we have little defense against it."
    Commission findings point to the need for a higher level of information
    sharing to better understand the proactive steps government agencies and
    corporate America need to take to effectively secure networked
    Project Spotlight, a new outreach program that directly addresses these
    concerns, is the country's first formal initiative designed to educate
    both private and public sectors on the current status of information
    security. By generating the first quantitative data on information
    security threats and weaknesses, Project Spotlight will provide a critical
    baseline designed to become an industry standard for security practices.
    The Project will also present the specific processes and technology
    necessary for ongoing information protection of our nation's
    Project Spotlight founders, who are leading-edge companies making unique
    contributions in the area of information security, include:  Client/Server
    Labs, the premier enterprise-wide IT testing lab; Internet Security
    Systems (ISS), the leading provider of adaptive network security
    technology that automatically detects and responds to security risks; and
    META Group, a leading IT research and analysis services firm. Also
    participating in Project Spotlight is the law firm of King & Spalding
    represented by Senator Sam Nunn, a key advisor to the President's
    Committee on Critical Infrastructure Protection. 
    "Project Spotlight is a pioneering effort to gather critical quantitative
    data that will deliver an increased level of knowledge regarding security
    threats and effective countermeasures," said Sam Nunn, former Senator and
    recent co- chairman of the Advisory Committee to the President's
    Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection. "The Project's
    commitment to furthering education in the information security arena will
    enable organizations to actively protect their enterprise systems through
    heightened awareness of security issues and proven risk management methods
    and solutions." 
    Project Spotlight will involve a select group of Fortune 500 and Global
    2000 companies. The Project Spotlight team will install leading-edge
    security assessment and intrusion detection software and gather and
    analyze otherwise undetected security vulnerability and threat data.
    In-depth analysis and subsequent reports will provide insight into the
    vulnerability exposure and threat activity present in the information
    systems of Spotlight participants and will provide critical trends and
    conclusions based on this quantitative data to the industry-at-large. 
    "One of the American Electronics Association's charters is to influence
    Public Policy," stated AEA -Southeast Executive Director Betty Gray-Rose.
    "In that regard, we feel Project Spotlight and its' goal of educating both
    the public and private sectors on the current status of information
    security is extremely important. Additionally, for our member companies
    the information they will receive regarding their own information system
    security vulnerabilities and threats, will be invaluable." 
    Specifically, Project Spotlight will provide participants with the
    following:  - - Actual threat and vulnerability data by industry -- this
    information will be evaluated to determine the potential impact to
    corporate information systems and networks -- Specific vulnerability data
    delivered in a timely fashion -- enabling participants to implement
    corrective measures during the project -- A baseline vulnerability and
    threat database organized by industry -- designed to measure internal
    improvement and perform external trend analysis;  -- Qualitative and
    quantitative statistical analysis -- a basis for prioritizing and building
    the business case for future security technology investments; to protect
    both the nation's infrastructure, as well as corporate America -- A
    comprehensive vulnerability and threat report -- comparing the
    participant's security posture with that of other corporations and other
    For general information about Project Spotlight or for information on how
    to become involved in the program, contact META Group at (800) 945-META or
    Client/Server Labs at (770) 552-3645 or visit the Project Spotlight web
    site at http://www.iss.net/spotlight.  About Project Spotlight Founders
    Client/Server Labs (CSL), the world's leading independent IT testing lab,
    is a source for comprehensive, mission critical life cycle testing. 
    Unbiased and non- vendor managed, CSL is a "Primary Test Lab Partner" for
    Computerworld and ENT Magazine and has served as a contributor to CIO,
    Internet World, and Network World. Headquartered in Atlanta, CSL is a
    certified tester of the Notesbench benchmark and a Testing Partner with
    Mercury Interactive, Netcom Systems and Segue Software. CSL's custom tests
    include software and hardware compatibility, capacity/load performance
    measurement, functionality and customer software evaluations, in addition
    to numerous industry standard benchmarks. For details, connect with
    Internet Security Systems (ISS) (NASDAQ: ISSX) is the pioneer and leading
    provider of adaptive network security delivering enterprise-wide
    information protection solutions. ISS' award-winning SAFEsuite family of
    products manages security risks and enhances end user confidence in
    intranet, extranet and electronic commerce environments. By combining
    proactive vulnerability detection with real-time intrusion detection and
    response, ISS' adaptive network security system creates a flexible cycle
    of continuous security improvement, including policy implementation and
    enforcement. This comprehensive approach to network security strengthens
    the security of existing systems and has dramatically improved the
    security posture for organizations worldwide, making ISS a critical,
    trusted security advisor for firms in the Global 2000, 9 of the ten
    largest U.S. commercial banks and over 35 governmental agencies. For more
    information, call ISS at 678-443-6000 or 800- 776-2362 or visit the ISS
    web site at www.iss.net. 
    King & Spalding is a leading national law firm that provides a wide range
    of legal services to a diverse and sophisticated client base. In the IT
    area, the Firm's I-Tech Practice Group, led by King & Spalding partner and
    former United States Attorney, Kent Alexander, employs an integrated team
    approach to furnish high quality, full-service legal services to
    technology companies and other companies in need of IT-related advice.
    Among the group's areas of focus are computer security and liability
    issues. King & Spalding partner, Sam Nunn brings unique experience to the
    I-Tech Practice. As a United States Senator for 24 years, he has earned a
    reputation as one the nation's leading experts on computer security issues
    and is a recent co-chairman of the Advisory Committee to the President's
    Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection.  For more information
    about King & Spalding's I-Tech Practice Group, please visit
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