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From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon Nov 02 1998 - 17:25:38 PST

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    Forwarded From: John Vranesevich <jpat_private>
    "Markoff wasn't the only one to make it onto Hag's hit list. Carolyn P. 
    Meinel of Cedar Crest, N.M. is its public enemy number one. "
    Haha, I'm assuming they mean, "HFG's hit list" ?
    Well, I'm not going to be critical of blatant errors, like hag and feb,
    because god knows how many spelling and grammar errors appear in most of my
    works.  But, just as a side note, I don't have editors, fact checkers, and
    a production staff either =/
    What I really wanted to say is how disappointed I was with this article.
    When I first heard that Adam got this interview, I was very anxious to read
    it.  I'll be honest, considering how high profile this hack was, and some
    of the issues that had arisen with it, we at AntiOnline have spent a
    considerable amount of time looking into this "group".  After reading the
    article, I found it to be disappointingly superficial.  They did these
    hacks "because they were bored and couldn't agree on a video to watch."
    Whatever...  I was hoping that this interview would delve into the minds of
    the HFG a bit deeper.  It's obvious that these guys aren't your
    stereotypical "crackers" as this report seems to suggest.  I think their
    motives are far more complex than that.  I would be curious to find out
    what the HFG's reaction to this article was, and if they were given the
    opportunity to review it before it went to print?  Also, I found it
    somewhat scarry that Adam mentioned the "3 room condo".  Talk about helping
    the FBI narrow down their suspect list a bit, huh?  Oh well, just some food
    for thought.
    Yours In CyberSpace,
    John Vranesevich
    Founder, AntiOnline
    >A Forbes reporter meets with the ringleader of the gang that hacked the
    >New York Times. Here's an inside look into the picaresque underworld of
    >Slut Puppy and Master Pimp. 
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