[ISN] Netect Expands World Class Anti-Hacker Security Team

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Date: Mon Nov 02 1998 - 17:34:11 PST

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    Netect Expands World Class Anti-Hacker Security Team
    10:44 a.m. Nov 02, 1998 Eastern
    CHICAGO, at CSI Conference, Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Netect Inc., a leading
    provider of anti-hacker software solutions, today announced the addition
    of prominent security experts to its anti-hacker security team. The team
    members are represented by some of the industry's most well-known security
    talent including: Paul Cormier, former AltaVista executive; Adam Shostack,
    internationally recognized security expert; Paul Ashton, leading NT
    security guru;  and Scott Blake, network and security expert. The team's
    charter is to proactively protect network users in the ongoing war against
    hackers. This announcement was made today at the 25th Annual Computer
    Security Conference and Exhibition. 
    Netect's investment in its security team reinforces its commitment to
    defending network users against the latest security vulnerabilities. By
    researching, documenting and coding security checks, the team provides
    ongoing protection to Netect's customers. Last month the company announced
    HackerShield, an off-the-shelf, easy to use anti-hacker product that finds
    and closes security holes on servers. The hacker techniques and security
    checks detected by the team are stored in HackerShield's database of known
    security vulnerabilities. As the team uncovers new security
    vulnerabilities, HackerShield's digitally signed RapidFire UpdateO feature
    delivers them to users, protecting them against the latest security
    "The ability to continually protect corporate networks from hacker attacks
    is a serious challenge for many system administrators. IS professionals
    need a security vendor that can keep up with the latest hacker techniques
    and provide timely protection against ongoing threats," said Steve Foote,
    vice president, research strategy/director, Hurwitz Consulting. "Netect
    offers two key elements for success: an anti-hacker security team, to
    constantly uncover vulnerabilities and follow current hacker trends, and
    digitally signed RapidFire Updates." 
    The Anti Hacker Security Team
    Netect's security team combines a solid foundation in security with the
    ability to deliver timely customer driven solutions.  Together the team
    represents more than 30 years of network security expertise. A partial
    list of team members include: 
    -- As a Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Netect, Paul
    Cormier has more than 10 years of experience in moving technology from
    concept through customer deployment, most recently as part of Digital's
    AltaVista Internet Group. His extensive experience includes the creation
    of Digital's first Internet software development organization, which
    resulted in the industry's first commercial NT firewall and VPN.  Cormier
    also is recognized for his effort in managing the software development
    team which brought MIT's project Athena from research to a commercial
    software offering.  -- Netect's Director of Technology, Adam Shostack is
    an internationally recognized security expert. Prior to joining Netect,
    Shostack advised leading financial, medical, security and networking
    companies on the implementation of security policies and risk management
    procedures.  The author of several published papers on topics such as
    security, coding practices and cryptographic protocol failures, Shostack
    often speaks at leading security conferences and trade shows.  -- A former
    systems and security consultant for a number of international financial
    institutions, Paul Ashton, Netect's senior security expert, brings
    extensive experience in the security arena to the team. Ashton has worked
    with numerous organizations to evaluate, design and test security
    solutions. Specifically he is credited for uncovering flaws in Microsoft's
    NT domain control implementation, Internet Explorer, Internet Information
    Server, and Sun Microsystem's Solaris and NIS+.  -- As Netect's Director
    of Technical Services, Scott Blake lends his security knowledge and
    technical expertise to all aspects of his technical support
    responsibilities. He brings experience in systems administration, network
    engineering and security consulting. 
    Responsible for information technology infrastructures for two companies,
    Blake designed and built LANs/WANs for many small and large organizations
    and performed security audits and security policy development efforts for
    several telecommunications, financial services and medical organizations.
    Blake is co-author of "Health Data Security in the Internet/Intranets Age"
    which appears in The 1998 Guide to
    Health Data Security. 
    Netect Inc. 
    Netect was established in 1996 with the mission of providing a secure
    computing environment where all users are protected against hackers
    breaching the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.
    Privately held, Netect provides the mass technical audience with
    anti-hacker software aimed at reducing the risk of network intrusions from
    both internal and external sources. Netect is a member of the Microsoft
    Security Partner Program (Nasdaq: MSFT), the Sun Development Program
    (Nasdaq: SUNW) and Dell's Direct Effect Program (Nasdaq: DELL). Additional
    information about Netect is available at http://www.netect.com or call
    HackerShield and Anti-Hacker Suite are registered trademarks of Netect,
    Ltd. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
    SOURCE Netect Inc. 
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