Re: [ISN] Forbes Interviews HFG

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Nov 03 1998 - 12:44:43 PST

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    > Reply From: <anon>
    > Judging from the apparent savvy of HFG, I would imagine they chose to
    > remain intentionally vague in order to avoid the potential of any FBI
    > profiling.  (Although it should be noted that HFG gave away a lot of
    > information in their HTML comments of the various mirrored hacks I've
    > seen.) 
    Indeed they did.  IMHO, the HTML tags give more of a profile than Forbes
    could create.  And judging by the ignorant errors on the part of Forbes,
    I'd almost guess that HFG was chuckling the whole time as they spoonfed a
    hungry reporter.
    > I would personally be shocked if HFG did another "up periscope."  That
    > they even talked to the media seems curiously out-of-step with their
    > apparent way of doing things.  (Of course, I should note that I was
    > shocked that HFG hit the New York Times since I figured they would vanish
    > after they hit JPL/NASA.) 
    An attempt to throw the "FEB" off their trial, perchance, through the
    spread of disinformation?
    > > Also, I found it somewhat scarry that Adam mentioned the "3 room condo". 
    > > Talk about helping the FBI narrow down their suspect list a bit, huh? 
    > Um...doesn't Carolyn Meinel live in a three room condo?
    Scary?  Hardly.  How many college students rent three room condos?  They
    never mentioned if it was owned by one of them, both renting. or if only
    one HFG member lived there, amongst four other people.  That description
    is as vague as saying that all members of HFG drive late model domestic
    cars.  Gee, *that* narrows it down.  And do they even have condos in NM?
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