[ISN] World's Leading Info Security Experts Gather in Tucson

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Date: Thu Nov 05 1998 - 04:55:38 PST

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    ADVISORY/World's Leading Information Security Experts to Gather in Tucson,
    Ariz., Nov. 8, 9, and 10, for the First Annual ICSA Corporate Forum.
    RESTON, Va.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Nov. 4, 1998-
    Security Professionals, Vendors, Press and Industry Analysts to Interact
    at Corporate Forum ICSA Inc. Wednesday announced that over one hundred
    information security professionals are expected to attend the ICSA
    Corporate Forum, an information security symposium to be held Nov. 8-10,
    1998 at the Sheraton El Conquistador Resort and Country Club in Tucson,
    Ariz. This invitation-only event, will draw from corporate IT
    professionals, computer security product vendors, system integrators,
    hardware/software vendors, academia and consultants.
    The Forum will foster a lively exchange of information through plenary
    meetings, on-line discussion, vendor meetings, social events and the
    exchange of session materials. The three day event begins Sunday, Nov. 8
    with a welcome reception. Highlights for Monday include two high-profile
    roundtables examining the future of the computer security industry. The
    morning roundtable event will be moderated by Ira Machefsky, formerly vice
    president of security research at Giga Information Group and now vice
    president at Odeon Capital, and will feature Deb Triant, president of
    Checkpoint Software (Nasdaq: CHKPF), Tom Noonan, president and CEO of ISS
    Group (Nasdaq: ISSX), and Peter Watkins, general manager and vp of
    NetTools Secure Division, Network Associates Inc. (Nasdaq: NETA). The
    afternoon roundtable will feature the industry's top information security
    analysts and will be moderated by Beth Davis, a senior reporter at
    InformationWeek, a leading industry trade magazine published by CMP Media
    (Nasdaq: CMPX).
    Participating analysts include Chris Christiansen of International Data
    Group, Matthew Kovar of The Yankee Group, Stephen Foote of the Hurwitz
    Group and Ira Machefsky of Odeon Capital. In addition to the keynote
    roundtables, Monday's Corporate Forum will also include sessions on
    intrusion detection, electronic checking, content inspection APIs, generic
    product certifications, and a special session examining Microsoft's
    perspectives on information security. Tuesday's schedule will be composed
    of a series of technical breakout sessions covering such topics as
    cryptography, IPSec, biometrics, firewalls, Internet Service Providers,
    and mobile malicious code. 
    About ICSA Corporate Forum
    Participation at the Corporate Forum is open to those who hold an ICSA
    Corporate Forum membership. The Corporate Forum brings information
    security vendor consortium members together with academia, security
    integrators, consultants and selected end-user organizations. This level
    of professional networking provides members the opportunity to share and
    exchange information with the world's leading experts in information
    security. The Corporate Forum is open to any organization involved in
    shaping the security industry. Members of ICSA's Technology Consortia
    (product developers only) will hold meetings in conjunction with the
    Corporate Forum and in separate breakout sessions. For more information
    about the Corporate Forum visit http://www.icsa.net/forum or contact Dave
    Harper at 717/241-3207 or at (dharperat_private). 
    About ICSA Inc. 
    ICSA Inc. provides Internet security assurance services worldwide. 
    Established in 1989 as an independent corporation, ICSA has successfully
    led the security industry in the development of high quality security
    products through product certification programs, and in establishing
    better security practices through management of multiple security-focused
    consortia. ICSA certification and security standards are accepted
    globally.  ICSA is headquartered in Reston, Va. and has additional offices
    in North America, Europe and Asia. ICSA can be reached by phone at 800/
    488-4595 or on the Internet at www.icsa.net. ICSA is a GartnerGroup
    BUSINESS WIRE 04/11/1998
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