[ISN] DigiCash Inc. to File Chapter 11, Seeks Partners

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Nov 05 1998 - 05:49:09 PST

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    DigiCash Inc. to File Reorganization, Seeks Partners to Drive eCash Forward
    PALO ALTO, CALIF.--November 4, 1998
    DigiCash Inc. has announced that it is entering into a Chapter 11
    reorganization to allow it to pursue strategic alternatives for its
    electronic cash ("eCash" ™) products and the associated intellectual
    assets pioneered by DigiCash. 
    According to Scott Loftesness, interim CEO of DigiCash, "The company is
    exploring a range of potential alternatives including working with major
    strategic players to finance the market development of eCash or the sale
    and/or licensing of the Company's intellectual property portfolio." 
    Loftesness added, "eCash™, as it has been developed by DigiCash, is an
    important and inevitable payment solution in the world of global
    electronic commerce." 
    The DigiCash payment solution is currently in use by leading banks in
    Europe and Australia.  These banks have deployed the DigiCash eCash
    solution and continue to add to their respective consumer and merchant
    eCash acceptance networks. 
    DigiCash's eCash™ payment solution offers a secure, low cost and private
    payment option to consumers for payments of any amount.  The intellectual
    property owned by DigiCash consists of a series of patents, protocols, and
    software systems that were specifically designed to be privacy protecting
    for consumers and which also enable other applications like online
    electronic voting.  The ability to pay privately, without revealing
    personal information, and avoiding the capture of personal transaction
    information for marketing or other subsequent uses is a growing concern
    among consumers globally. 
    Contact: Scott Loftesness: (650) 798-8183 or via email: sjlat_private
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