[ISN] Wanted: Computer hackers to test the latest technology!

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Nov 05 1998 - 19:47:33 PST

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    SINGAPORE (November 4, 1998 11:20 p.m. EST http://www.nandotimes.com)  -
    Organizers of an information technology trade show in Singapore called on
    computer hackers Thursday to surface and test their skills in live
    demonstrations aimed at promoting cyber-security. 
    "We are looking for individuals or teams who are interested in taking up
    the challenge of infiltrating firewalls set up by our sponsors,"  said
    Jimmy Lau, president of Reed Exhibition Companies in Singapore. 
    "This will provide our sponsors an opportunity to demonstrate the
    effectiveness of their products at Infosecurity Asia 99," he added in a
    press statement. 
    Reed Exhibition is co-organizing the information technology (IT)  security
    trade show next June with National Computer Systems Pte.  Ltd., a
    subsidiary of the Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. group. 
    Firewalls are programs designed to repel infiltration by hackers, who have
    triggered much concern worldwide after illegally entering defense,
    business, banking and other computer systems. 
    "Rest assured, there will be no hacking of computer systems outside of the
    demonstration environment," Lau said. 
    Lee Kwok Cheong, chief executive officer of NCS, said that "in this age of
    electronic commerce, we need to protect the information and network
    infrastructure of our customers against possible corruption." 
    Companies are being asked to provide prizes for the IT trade show's
    "Hackers Zone," believed to be the first attempt in security-conscious
    Singapore to allow hackers to demonstrate their skills in an exhibition. 
    Michelle Lim, project director with Reed Exhibition, said a hackers'
    contest was being considered as part of the show. 
    "We are trying to gauge the response and feedback, and when we have
    managed to find sponsors and when there is enough response from hackers,
    we will work out the details," she told AFP. 
    "We're trying to create awareness of the importance of security in IT
    systems," she said, adding that hackers need not be afraid to surface as
    the trade show feature will be done in a "controlled environment." 
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