[ISN] South Africa police arrest teen hacker

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri Nov 06 1998 - 20:18:54 PST

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     CAPE TOWN (Reuters) [11.6.98] - Police have arrested a teenage boy who
    hacked through all the security features of South African
    telecommunications company Telkom's computer system but apparently did no
    damage, the company said on Thursday. 
    A senior police source said earlier the boy, from the Rondebosch suburb of
    Cape Town, had been in a position to move vast amounts of money around the
    system but had seemingly been content to browse benignly. 
    Telkom told Reuters its investigators had found the footprints of the
    15-year-old hacker around the system some weeks ago and had slowly tracked
    him down, allowing police to swoop on Wednesday morning. 
    ``At no time have any of our primary services to our customers been
    compromised,'' Segar Annamalai, Telkom's managing executive of information
    technology said. 
    The company said another, older hacker had also been questioned. 
    ``Based on current information, Telkom is not aware of any information on
    the system having been manipulated,'' the company said. 
    ``However, Telkom and its software supplier on the system, together with
    the South African police's computer investigation team are still
    monitoring the situation closely,'' it added. 
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