Re: [ISN] South Africa police arrest teen hacker

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Sun Nov 08 1998 - 22:41:10 PST

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    Reply From: <anon>
    > CAPE TOWN (Reuters) [11.6.98] - Police have arrested a teenage boy who
    > hacked through all the security features of South African
    > telecommunications company Telkom's computer system but apparently did no
    > damage, the company said on Thursday. 
    Security features <cough>. Telkom and Dimension Data aren't stupid when it
    comes to the internet, they know SA hackers would love to get in and so
    have several firewalls to protect their systems. 
    However, Dimension Data does have an intranet dial-up which a employee
    gave them a login and password to. They set up sniffers and found
    Dimension Data Telkom system. The sniffers also caught the usual
    login/passwords and you can guess what happened next. 
    > A senior police source said earlier the boy, from the Rondebosch suburb of
    > Cape Town, had been in a position to move vast amounts of money around the
    > system but had seemingly been content to browse benignly. 
    > Telkom told Reuters its investigators had found the footprints of the
    > 15-year-old hacker around the system some weeks ago and had slowly tracked
    > him down, allowing police to swoop on Wednesday morning. 
    They traced his telephone calls after they found root kits and sniffers on
    the network. They then showed up at his house with a search warrent,
    confiscated everything and arrested logeek. 
    Although hacking in it self is not a crime in South Africa. Logeek and Kat
    have been charged with other offenses which include fraud, sabotage and
    interception. The maximum jail sentance for this is 20 years although
    nobody knows if telkom has enough data to actually get a conviction. 
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