[ISN] Fugitive hacker surfaces on the Web

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri Nov 13 1998 - 07:56:27 PST

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    Fugitive hacker surfaces on the Web
    By Joel Deane, ZDNet News
    November 12, 1998 6:50 PM PT
    URL: http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/stories/news/0,4586,2164061,00.html
    It appears Justin Petersen, the hacker and FBI informant turned fugitive,
    has surfaced on the Web.
    Late Thursday, a Web site purporting to belong to the former hacker posted
    a statement in which Petersen implied that he was currently outside the
    United States -- and doubted that he would testify at the upcoming trial
    of imprisoned hacker Kevin Mitnick.
    The U.S. District Court in Los Angeles issued an arrest warrant for
    Petersen -- on parole for hacking a financial institution and
    electronically stealing $150,000 -- on Sept. 30. Since then, according to
    reports, U.S. Marshalls have scoured Petersen's former Hollywood haunts. 
    Petersen worked as a FBI informant between 1991 and 1993 and allegedly
    gathered evidence against several hackers, including Mitnick and ZDTV
    columnist Kevin Poulsen.
    Two ZDTV reporters, Poulsen and Luke Reiter, e-mailed and phoned Petersen
    Wednesday. Late Thursday, an anonymous associate of Petersen left voice
    mail directions to Petersen's new Web site.
    'It's been tough' 
    According to a statement posted on that site, Petersen's "fugitive status
    is mostly a non-story ... I had a personality conflict with my Parole
    Office and could not come to terms."
    In the statement, Petersen, who must pay restitution to the victims of his
    crimes, also referred to his financial troubles and unemployed status. 
    "Being severely in debt due to the cost of attorneys and having all my
    assets taken by the government, it's been tough getting ... back on my
    feet," the statement said.
    "I have paid off many of my debts, however, I still owe a great deal to
    the government.
    "Finding work with a criminal record is no easy task, being handicapped
    (Petersen has a prosthetic leg) doesn't help either. When a great job
    opportunity overseas came up, I decided to take it." 
    Mitnick testimony wouldn't be flattering Petersen has been expected to
    appear as a witness in the Mitnick trial, which is slated to commence in
    early 1999. 
    "In my opinion it would not be in either sides best interest (prosecution
    and defense) to have me on the stand," the statement said. "What I have to
    say will not be flattering. So, to answer that question, I doubt I will be
    present at the trial one way or another." 
    According to the statement, Petersen is not concerned about being
    apprehended, but has considered turning himself in. "Frankly, I find this
    whole situation rather amusing," the statement said. 
    "Everyone seems so interested in what the hell I'm up to. Alas, rest
    assure I am somewhere having fun with a nice looking lady, enjoying the
    first freedom I have felt in some time." 
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