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From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri Nov 13 1998 - 09:55:34 PST

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    >Reply From: Anonymous
    >I have spoken to a half-dozen former "insiders" from ISS. They all told me
    >the same thing: The X force has four guys on their team--not 50 (humor). 
    >And I have heard from ISS' own people, claiming at various
    >conferences--various numbers (25 at Infowar.con), (40 at CSI, 25 at
    >CSI--same conference, different people and different "presentations").
    >Hmm.  A virtual number. Cool. 
    Despite these varying numbers, the claim of '4' is definitely inaccurate.
    As I have personally met between 10 - 15 of the *current* x-force 
    team members, as well as another half dozen former members, and the team is 
    fairly substantial. I think part of this confusion comes about because the 
    team doesn't sit in one building. ISS has the team spread out over several
    regions to help support their customer base as well as other internal 
    teams as needed. Another possible source of confusion is the job descriptions
    of each team member. The ISS X-Force team does a LOT more than research 
    new vulnerabilities throughout the day. Since many people see the X-Force
    group as Bug/Vuln R&D only, that would lend to claims that 50 is high.
    Either way, ISS continues to release quality advisories and strive to keep
    the security community aware and the vendors in line. 
    >If this isn't another classic case of the Marketing Machine alive and
    >well--nothing is. And frankly, such blatant smoke-screening is pathetic. 
    >What was that about ethics? 
    This will NOT degrade into a flame war, and this comment is not directed
    to anyone or any company.. but *every* company is guilty of this at 
    one point or another. Be it claims of personell, company ethics, product
    claims, or anything else. Even then, these claims are often no more than 
    misquotes, miscommunication, or something equally benign. I challenge anyone
    to show me a company where all departments communicate perfectly. 
    I am sure we can all find 100 things right AND wrong about any company 
    out there. Instead, lets just focus on keeping everyone aware of new 
    information security happenings. 
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