[ISN] PSI Announces Phoenix Firewall for Linux

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Nov 19 1998 - 16:34:18 PST

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    From: Nelson Murilo <nelsonat_private>
    Progressive Systems, Inc. Announces Availability of the Phoenix Adaptive
    Firewall for Linux
    Includes Java-based Secure Remote Administration Tool
    COLUMBUS, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 18, 1998--Progressive Systems, Inc.,
    a leading vendor of network security and data communications solutions,
    today announced the availability of its Phoenix Adaptive Firewall software
    for the Linux operating system. 
    The Phoenix Adaptive Firewall is the first commercial firewall software to
    support Linux, the UNIX-based, open source operating system that is
    rapidly becoming the platform of choice for Internet services. 
    ``Linux is widely recognized as a highly stable, flexible, powerful
    operating system, but until very recently, it has not been marketed as
    aggressively as other operating systems,'' said Matthew Dawson, President
    of Progressive Systems. ``But that situation has been changing rapidly in
    the past few months, as more and more major players are endorsing Linux,
    and making significant investments in it.  It's clear that corporate users
    are becoming more interested in Linux, and we believe that Phoenix will
    give a major boost to this trend.''
    Said Bob Young, Chairman and CEO of Red Hat Software, Inc., ``This
    announcement is one more in a growing trend of support of the Linux OS.
    Enterprise customers and vendors are looking increasingly to Linux as a
    robust, reliable platform on which to run mission critical gateway
    applications such as web, VPN and firewall services.''
    The Phoenix Adaptive Firewall provides a granular level of Security,
    protecting networks by performing a detailed inspection of all aspects of
    incoming packets and distributes them according to rules determined by the
    network administrator. Inbound data with non-allowed contents is not
    transmitted to the network being protected. This provides a very
    fine-grained level of security, compared to the majority of firewalls
    implemented today. Users can achieve greater precision in controlling
    access to networks than is possible with traditional firewalls. Adaptive
    Firewall Technology includes anti-attack features, disabling network
    probing attacks commonly used by crackers. 
    The Phoenix Adaptive Firewall also features an easy-to-use Secure Remote
    Administration via a Java GUI. This interface provides strong
    authentication and encryption to the firewall server from a web browser. 
    Security consultant Steve Neruda, Principal at Neruda Consulting Services
    in Columbus, OH, has been using Phoenix. ``The secure user-interface makes
    it easy to build strong firewalls with Phoenix,'' he observed. ``Being
    able to administer customer sites remotely, in a secure way, makes Phoenix
    an excellent choice for any network security manager.''
    The Phoenix Adaptive Firewall is available for Linux, SCO Open Server, and
    as a network appliance. Pricing is $2995 and $3495, for the software or
    appliance, respectively, for unlimited users. The product is available
    directly from Progressive Systems, and through resellers.  Progressive
    Systems is a leading vendor of network security and data communications
    solutions. The company's customer base includes more than 6000
    institutions, governments, and corporations, operating mission-critical
    applications on all seven continents and in space. 
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