[ISN] Twofish Crypto added to SSH

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Nov 19 1998 - 17:51:20 PST

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    Last Updated 6:08 AM ET November 18, 1998
    State of Art Cryptography Added to SSH Secure Shell; SSH Secure Shell to
    Support the Upcoming Security Algorithm Standard
    ESPOO, Finland (BUSINESS WIRE) - SSH Communications Security is leading
    the way in offering next century security to Internet users.  SSH Secure
    Shell now has the support for a new, very fast encryption method called
    Twofish. With Twofish, SSH Secure Shell offers the opportunity to use some
    of the most state of art encryption technologies available. Its users will
    especially appreciate the fact that Twofish can encrypt data more securely
    and faster than most other algorithms available. 
    Twofish is AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)  candidate from Counterpane
    Systems. The design team behind Twofish includes some of the leading
    cryptographers of our time, including Bruce Schneier, President of
    Counterpane and the author of Applied Cryptography, perhaps the world's
    most read book about cryptography. 
    "SSH Secure Shell has been the de-facto standard for encrypted terminal
    connections on the Internet. By incorporating Twofish, SSH will continue
    to offer users speedy and secure communications into the next century",
    says Schneier, SSH Secure Shell user himself. 
    New Encryption Standard Emerging
    Data Encryption Standard (DES) is the most widely used encryption method
    in the world. However, rapid improvements in computing and the resulting
    capability to break DES have shown that the algorithm designed in the
    1970s has come to the end of its useful life. Researchers have
    demonstrated that DES can be broken in less then three days. 
    The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has initiated
    a process to find a replacement for DES. The new algorithm will be named
    Advanced Encryption Standard. AES algorithm needs to be strong enough to
    protect sensitive data well into the future, but also fast and suitable to
    be used in increasingly small devices demanded today, such as smart cards
    and mobile devices. SSH Communications Security is actively participating
    in the AES evaluation process. The final AES algorithm will be announced
    in the year 2000, after a two-year public evaluation period. 
    "We evaluated most AES candidates for their suitability in our products,
    and found Twofish to be a strong candidate", says Markku-Juhani Saarinen,
    cryptographer at SSH Communications Security. Twofish has undergone
    extensive analysis prior to its release. Experts from SSH Communications
    Security who have examined the results of these analysis are convinced
    that breaking Twofish in SSH Secure Shell is infeasible. 
    Next Century Technology Available Now
    SSH Secure Shell was the first secure login program that was easy to use
    and required little knowledge in cryptography from the user. It is
    installed in an uncountable number of computers around the world and is
    one of the most widely used cryptographic programs in the world. 
    Twofish is used in SSH Secure Shell with a 256-bit key. SSH Secure Shell
    will support Twofish from version 2.0.11 onwards. Versions supporting
    Twofish are available from ftp sites around the globe for trials. For more
    details, visit SSH Communications Security at http://www.ssh.fi. 
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