[ISN] Spring '99 Internet Security Conf

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Dec 01 1998 - 21:17:04 PST

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    Remember how technology conferences used to be? The people who actually
    invented the technology talking to people who really needed to understand
    it. Techies staffed the exhibits. After the sessions people hung out
    together comparing notes, solving problems and establishing contacts that
    were valuable long after the conference ended. 
    Collaboration and community. This is exactly what attendees received from
    The Internet Security Conference (TISC) in 1998, and what we'll deliver
    again in 1999! 
    The Spring '99 Internet Security Conference 
    April 19-22 
    Fairmont Hotel
    San Jose, California
    If you're looking to get your hands around what will continue to be one of
    the most pressing issues in corporate computing - security - TISC 1999 is
    the conference for you. We've expanded our world renowned faculty to help
    you design and implement security systems, deploy firewalls, VPNs,
    hardened operating systems, intrusion detection systems, IPSec and more.
    We deliver the best collection of security minds at any event. Our
    Exhibits Hall and the live demonstrations orchestrated from our
    Interoperability Lab are educational and informative. You'll leave TISC
    with the knowledge you need to secure your organization's network
    The Internet Security Conference. 
    The way technology conferences used to be - right down to the cookies! 
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