[ISN] XmasCon/Hacking the Year Away 1998

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Dec 08 1998 - 14:59:26 PST

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    XmasCon/Hacking the Year Away 1998
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    December 18-20th, 1998
    List of talks (to be held Saturday afternoon and evening):
       * Entropy and Pseudorandom Number Generation - Conradus
         Conradus will cover entropy in mathematics and in digital systems with
         some discussion of applications to cryptography and security.
       * Concurrency in Computation: Traditional, Quantum, and Molecular
         Computation Frameworks - Flex
         This talk will put concurrency theory on a solid mathematical
         foundation and examine various architectures for concurrency.
       * Buffer Overflows for Beginners - Conradus
         Buffer overflows are all the rage these days. Learn how to spot them,
         how to exploit them, and how to fix them.
       * Richard Thieme
       * Security in Oracle Database Systems - Vic Vandal
         Vic will discuss common security issues in Oracle database systems.
       * Transaction Systems - Big O
         Big O will discuss cross platform tools and techniques for performing
         transactions within heterogeneous environments.
       * Advances in Personal Identification by Forgery - Yellow #5 (45 minutes)
    New at XmasCon 1998 will be brief, informal workshops to be held before
    Friday night's revelry:
       * Flex will be leading a session on digital audio and signal processing.
       * Jerry will be discussing algorithms and Perl hacks at his session.
    If you would like to give a talk or presentation, send me e-mail
    (flexat_private) with your name or handle, the title of your talk, and a brief
    Back by popular demand, Hacker Jeopardy, hosted by Vic Vandal and Flex, is
    scheduled for Saturday night. Astound your peers, squash your enemies, win
    valuable prizes (or look incredibly stupid) in the game that tests your
    knowledge of arcane hacking knowledge.
    As always, ties will be settled in a test of physical strength, but you'll
    need mental strength to get there first. Numerous wickedly elite prizes will
    be awarded.
    A screening of The Truly Malicious Hacker (approximately 60 minutes) will be
    featured Saturday afternoon. This humorous outtake on hacking was created by
    the infamous Bruce Sterling.
    Admission to this year's XmasCon will be, as usual, $10.
    Please send me e-mail if you plan to attend.
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