[ISN] 1999 National Information Systems Security Conference

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon Dec 28 1998 - 14:07:43 PST

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    1999 National Information Systems Security Conference
    Forwarded From: SLF - Vol 3 Issue# 244 Dec.28,1998
    Originally From: "Ed Borodkin" <borodkinat_private> 
    The National Information Systems Security Conference (NISSC) welcomes
    papers, panels, and tutorials on all topics related to information systems
    security. Our audience represents a broad range of information security
    interests spanning government, industry, commercial, and academic
    communities. Papers and panel discussions typically cover: 
    * research and development for secure products and systems, presenting 
      the latest thinking and directions; 
    * electronic commerce; 
    * legal issues such as privacy, ethics, investigations, and enforcement; 
    * practical solutions for government, business and industry 
      information security concerns; 
    * network security issues and solutions; 
    * management activities to promote security in IT systems including 
      security planning, risk management, and awareness and training; 
    * implementation, accreditation, and operation of secure systems in a 
      government, business, or industry environment; 
    * international harmonization of security criteria and evaluation; 
    * evaluation of products, systems and solutions against trust criteria; 
    * tutorials on security basics and advanced issues; 
    * security issues dealing with rapidly changing information technologies; 
    * highlights from other security forums; and 
    * implementing policy direction.
    For more details see http://csrc.nist.gov/nissc/call.htm.
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