[ISN] Intrusion Detection White Paper - Request for your comments

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon Jan 18 1999 - 17:32:31 PST

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    Forwarded From: John Kozubik <john_kozubik_dcat_private>
    I have been doing quite a bit of research concerning IDS over the past
    year or so, and have written a white paper on the distinction that I have
    made between operational and structural intrusion detection. 
    I introduced this topic during my speech at CuervoCon (of all places) 
    this year. 
    If you are interested in this subject, please take a look at this short
    white paper - i would appreciate any and all comments or criticisms you
    may have. 
    kozubik - john_kozubikat_private
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