[ISN] New firewall can be put nearly anywhere

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon Jan 18 1999 - 17:33:21 PST

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    New firewall can be put nearly anywhere, 
    By Ellen Messmer
    Network World Fusion, 01/15/99
    Multiprotocol firewall can reside on desktop, server or at Internet
    Wellesley Hills, Mass. - Network-1 Security Solutions next week will
    unveil CyberwallPlus, a suite of NT-based firewalls that not only block
    and filter traffic from the Internet but can also run on desktops and
    departmental servers. 
    In addition to filtering IP traffic, CyberwallPlus can inspect proprietary
    protocols, such as IPX and AppleTalk. It can also encrypt traffic using
    the Data Encryption Standard, among other means. 
    Hunt Valley, Md.-based Tessco Technologies has been beta-testing
    CyberwallPlus for a few months, and has found it easy to set up. "It has a
    fairly sophisticated reporting mechanism that tells me when someone is
    trying to break into the network," says Mike Waldenberger, a technical
    services engineer at Tessco. 
    "It handles the DECnet protocol, which is something hard to find in
    According to Network-1 chief technology officer Bill Hancock,
    CyberwallPlus was designed to prevent known service attacks against NT
    servers, Microsoft Proxy Server and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
    (LDAP) servers. "If I've knocked out your LDAP server, I've knocked out
    your network," he notes. 
    The firewall line also boasts intrusion-detection functions so that
    suspicious events can be reported back to a central console. 
    Expected to ship next month, CyberwallPlus starts at $1,995, with
    enterprisewide use likely to cost about $20,000. 
    Network-1 Security Solutions: (781) 239-8280
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