[ISN] Bill Wall's list of hacker incidents

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 12:05:28 PST

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    [Moderator: Found this earlier this evening and thought I would post it.
     Quite an interesting history and timeline.]
                        Bill Wall's list of hacker incidents
    1961.12.00  Caltech hackers hacked the cards at a football game with U of Washington
    1971.00.00  John Draper (Cap'n Crunch) uses whistle (blue box) to access Ma Bell
    1972.05.00  John Draper arrested for phone fraud
    1981.00.00  Mitnick broke into the records of LA Unified School District, Monroe HS
    1981.05.30  Mitnick gets into Pac Bell's COSMOS phone center; takes passwords
    1982.00.00  Mitnick (Condor) cracks Pacific Telephone system and TRW; destroys data
    1982.00.00  414 Gang raided.
    1983.00.00  Mitnick arrested for gaining illegal access to the ARPAnet & Pentagon
    1984.00.00  Kevin Poulsen (Dark Dante) arrested for breaking into the ARPAnet
    1986.00.00  Chaos Computer Club cracks German government computer that had info about Chernobyl
    1986.09.16  hackers break into Stanford Unix computers
    1987.07.05  hackers got secret access codes from Sprint
    1987.09.18  hacker accesses AT&T computers, stealing $1 million worth of s/w
    1987.09.28  hackers from Brooklyn penetrate MILNET
    1987.11.23  Chaos Computer Club hacks NASA's SPAN network
    1987.12.00  Mitnick sentenced for stealing s/w from SCO
    1988.09.00  "Prophet" cracks BellSouth AIMSX computer network
    1988.11.02  Internet worm sent out by Robert Morris; overflowed fingerd buffer
    1988.11.23  hacker cracks USAF Sperry 1160 computer in San Antonio
    1988.12.16  Mitnick cracks MCI DEC network, steals VMS source code and XSafe
    1989.06.21  hacker cracks USAF satellite-positioning satellite
    1989.07.22  Fry Guy cracks into MacDonald's mainframe; also stole credit cards
    1989.10.16  WANK worm attacked SPAN VAX/VMS systems
    1990.00.00  Lamprecht (Minor Threat) cracks into warez site; write ToneLoc
    1990.03.07  Denver hacker cracks NASA computer at Huntsville and Greenbelt
    1990.03.21  hacker cracks Cliff Stoll's computer and adds message
    1990.04.00  hackers from Netherlands penetrated DoD sites
    1990.10.15  hackers break into British clearing banks
    1991.01.00  Lamprecht (Minor Threat) hacks into Southwestern Bell; wrote ToneLoc
    1991.03.00  hacker penetrates NASA, NIH, Bureau of Land Mgt, BBN
    1991.04.21  Dutch hackers from Eindhoven break into US military computers
    1991.06.21  Kevin Poulsen arrested for breaking into Pacific Bell phones
    1991.07.00  Justin Petersen (Agent Steal) arrested for breaking into TRW, stealing credit cards
    1991.09.00  Justin Petersen released from prison to help FBI track crackers
    1992.00.00  Dallas computer maker discovers planted network sniffer on computer fax machine
    1992.00.00  hackers get root at Eindhoven U of Technology in the Netherlands
    1992.00.00  Morty Rosenfeld convicted after hacking into TRW, stealing credit card numbers
    1992.02.00  Lamprecht (Minor Threat) steals circuit boards
    1992.07.00  Lamprecht is caught attempting to sell stolen microprocessors
    1992.11.00  Mitnick cracks into California Dept of Motor Vehicles
    1992.12.00  hacker arrested for penetrating NASA, NIH, BBN, etc
    1993.00.00  food scientist gained access to General Mills mainframe computers
    1993.08.00  Justin Petersen arrested for stealing computer access equipment
    1993.10.28  Randal Schwartz uses Crack at Intel to crack passwords
    1994.02.00  hacker installs network sniffer and grabbed 100,000 names and passwords
    1994.02.00  Texas Racing Commission computer hacked into
    1994.02.01  hacker spoofed a Dartmouth professor using email to cancel tests
    1994.03.23  hackers broke into Rome Lab, Griffiss AFB from UK; used sniffer
    1994.06.13  Citibank hacked by Vladimir Levin; $10 million in illegal transfers
    1994.07.14  French student Damien Doligez cracks 40-bit RC4 encryption
    1994.07.21  hackers crack into the Pentagon, altering and erasing records
    1994.08.00  Justin Petersen electronically steals $150k from Heller Financial
    1994.09.00  Netcom's credit card database was on-line an accessible to the unauthorized
    1994.10.00  Michael Smyth, a regional manager at Pillsbury, fired due to intercepted email
    1994.10.12  computer engineer cracks Marks & Spencer security file containing PIN numbers
    1994.11.01  hacker cracks FBI's conference-calling system; made $250,000 in calls
    1994.12.00  US Naval Academy computer system hacked; sniffer programs installed
    1994.12.00  authors were targets of electronic mail bomb
    1994.12.00  CrackBuster issued cancels for every message in alt.2600; flooded groups
    1994.12.25  Mitnick cracks into Tsutomu Shimomura's security computers; stole s/w tools
    1995.01.00  Chris Lamprecht (Minor Threat) incarcerated for hacking; banned from Internet
    1995.01.27  Mitnick cracks into the Well; puts Shimomura's files there and Netcom credit card numbers
    1995.02.15  Mitnick captured; broke into NORAD, PacBell, CA DMV, etc; had 20,000 credit card numbers
    1995.04.00  Journalist David Pogue's AOL account deleted by hackers
    1995.04.05  SATAN security tool released to the Internet
    1995.05.05  Chris Lamprecht (Minor Threat) becomes 1st person banned from Internet
    1995.06.02  hackers using Vanderbilt computers hack Air Force site - caught
    1995.07.00  crackers tapped into Navy computer system and gained access to French and Allied data
    1995.07.00  Julio Ardita of Argentina cracked into US military computers, Harvard, NASA
    1995.07.25  Randal L Schwartz convicted of hacking under Oregon's Computer Crime Law
    1995.07.28  hacker from Calgary freenet uses sendmail attack on gov sites
    1995.08.04  hacker cracked NY Times Internet service, bringing it down
    1995.08.15  several hackers crack Netscape 40-bit SSL; Damien Doligez used 120 computers
    1995.09.11  Golle Cushing (Alpha Bits) arrested for selling credit card and cell phone info
    1995.09.16  Berkeley students cracked Tower Records/Video computers; $20,000 charged
    1995.09.17  Hackers discover weakness in Netscape random number generator; SSL cracked
    1995.10.23  1st court-ordered wiretap on a computer network; at Harvard
    1995.11.00  buffer overflow in Netscape Navigator host name made it vulnerable
    1995.12.20  NASA Ames Research Center home page hacked
    1995.12.28  Julio Ardita arrested in Argentina for hacking into Harvard
    1996.01.01  1st court authorized wiretap of an ISP; cell-fraud thru Compuserve
    1996.01.15  Swedish computer hacker hacks into 911 phone system in FL
    1996.01.22  Chaos taps cleartext transmission of banking information
    1996.01.25  Russian pleads guilty of participating in Citibank wire fraud
    1996.01.29  Digital Planet's web site for MGM/UA's "Hackers" Site hacked
    1996.02.15  Hackers altered UK talking bus stops for use to the blind
    1996.02.27  BerkshireNet in MA hacked; data erased and system shut down
    1996.03.05  whitehouse.gov flooded with forged email; denial of service
    1996.03.06  Boston ISPs hacked by U4ea; deleted Boston Globe web pages
    1996.03.17  Telia, Sweden's biggest ISP, home page hacked
    1996.04.05  N00gz indicted for computer fraud; accessed Bell, Sprint, SRI
    1996.04.19  NYPD voice-mail system hacked
    1996.04.27  Cambridge U hacked; confidential files broken into
    1996.05.15  Datastream Cowboy from UK arrested for breaking into Rome Labs
    1996.06.15  Two UK hackers charged with intruding into Lockheed computers
    1996.06.20  14-year old arrested for using fraudulent credit card numbers
    1996.06.25  hackers penetrate the public library network of a state
    1996.07.05  1st known Excel virus, Laroux
    1996.07.09  Ontario group gets into computers at a base in VA
    1996.07.10  HS students crack a drink manufacturer's computer voice-mail system
    1996.08.00  Fort Bragg soldier compromised military computer system; distributed passwords
    1996.08.04  US hackers crack computers of the European parliament and commission
    1996.08.16  Department of Justice home page hacked at www.usdoj.gov
    1996.08.25  American Psychoanalytic Association hacked
    1996.08.29  Nation of Islam web page hacked
    1996.08.30  British Conservative Party webpage hacked
    1996.09.06  hackers shut down PANIX, New York's Public Access Networks; SYN attack
    1996.09.17  computer files with names of 4,000 AIDS patients taken in Florida
    1996.09.18  CIA home page (www.odci.gov/cia) hacked by 5 Swedish hackers
    1996.09.18  Internet Chess Club hit by hacker attack
    1996.09.19  hacker cracks Palisades, NJ school system
    1996.09.20  cancelbot attacks Usenet; 25,000 messages wiped out
    1996.09.25  Kevin Mitnick indicted for damaging computers at USC, stealing s/w
    1996.10.05  Wazzu virus released
    1996.10.15  disgruntled employee wipes out all computer files at Digital Technologies Group
    1996.10.22  hackers crack Czech banks; steal $2 million
    1996.10.23  Fort Bragg, NC paratrooper hacked U.S. Army systems and gave passwords to China
    1996.10.25  Florida Supreme Court home page hacked
    1996.11.05  hackers attack anti-military site (www.insigniausa.com); erased files
    1996.11.08  NY Times web site hit by SYN-flood attack; DoS
    1996.11.10  Latin Summer Meeting home page hacked; porno and satire added
    1996.11.12  Kriegsman furs web page hacked by animal rights activist; used phf hack
    1996.11.17  hackers removed songs from computers at U2's Dublin studio
    1996.11.21  Danish Research group get into computers at TX base
    1996.11.22  NY city workers falsified computer records in largest tax fraud in NY
    1996.11.26  Web site that provided news about Belarus leader was destroyed
    1996.11.27  Nethosting and 1500 client home pages hacked
    1996.11.29  Disgruntled computer technician brings down Reuters trading net in Hong Kong
    1996.12.06  England's Labour Party web site hacked
    1996.12.14  hackers attack WebCom, knocking out 3,000 web sites; used SYN-flood
    1996.12.16  hackers crack Yale School of Medicine web page with the phf hack
    1996.12.16  NASA home page hacked (Goddard); hack has both frames and JavaScript
    1996.12.20  6 Danish hackers sentenced for attacking Pentagon computers
    1996.12.23  Zhangyi Liu arrested in Dayton for cracking into WPAFB computers; had passwords
    1996.12.29  Air Force home page hacked at DTIC; DefenseLINK shut down
    1996.12.30  NASA home page hacked again by StOrM
    1997.01.06  Croatians intrude into computers at Anderson AFB, Guam
    1997.01.08  hacker crashed California state agency computer - Legal Employment Network
    1997.01.13  Crack dot Com hacked; Doom, Quake, Golgotha source code downloaded
    1997.01.15  hacker sentenced to prison for reprogramming Taco Bell computers
    1997.01.17  Government of Victoria, Australia home page hacked
    1997.01.29  phf hack from Belgium to TX base
    1997.02.03  hackers spoof Eastern Avionics web page to grab credit card numbers
    1997.02.05  German Chaos group uses ActiveX and Quicken to withdraw money
    1997.02.07  Planned Parenthood stops use of plannedparenthood.com domain name
    1997.02.10  Indonesia's Dept of Foreign Affairs homepage hacked
    1997.02.15  AOL Court TV site with news on OJ Simpson trial hacked
    1997.03.03  Loran International hit by a denial of service attack
    1997.03.05  NASA homepage hacked
    1997.03.09  NCAA WWW site hacked; pages changed by 14-year old
    1997.03.12  IP floods of SMTP causes DoS at base in VA
    1997.03.16  The Well hit by hackers.  Passwords stolen, files deleted, trojans planted
    1997.03.19  Spammer Cyber Promotions suffers hack attack
    1997.04.01  Malaysia's national telecommunications company home page hacked
    1997.04.05  NASA web site hacked
    1997.04.15  San Antonio's Express News web site server system hacked
    1997.04.17  Cyber Promotions broken into, web page altered, password file stolen
    1997.04.21  hacker provokes AOL to shut down Klan site
    1997.04.26  Amnesty International homepage hacked
    1997.04.27  British Conservative Party got hacked
    1997.05.23  Carlos Salgado grabs 100,000 credit card numbers from San Diego; used a sniffer
    1997.05.27  The Lost World Jurassic Park homepage hacked
    1997.05.29  hacker hit LAPD
    1997.06.00  Netcom voice-mail hacked by "Mr Nobody"
    1997.06.03  Delaware law enforcement officers get teenager cracking NASA
    1997.06.11  USDA site hacked
    1997.06.16  pro-spam hacker reported
    1997.06.18  hackers in CO crack RSA's 56-bit DES encryption
    1997.06.20  hackers caused denial of service to Microsoft's NT IIS web server
    1997.06.25  Geocities frontpage got hacked
    1997.06.30  hackers cause DoS on Microsoft NT server with header packets
    1997.07.11  ESPN and nba.com (starwave) shut down after hacker emails shoppers credit info
    1997.07.14  Danish computer guy finds hole in Netscape; asks for big reward money
    1997.07.15  Canadian Security Intelligence Service got hacked
    1997.07.18  hackers attack Swedish Crack-a-Mac site
    1997.07.18  hackers attack MacInTouch - SYN flood
    1997.08.01  Long Island group added a Trojan horse to hijack users' modem
    1997.08.08  George Mason Univ students hacked their way into the Univ computers
    1997.08.10  Cyper Promotions servers hacked
    1997.08.16  Experian (TRW credit bureau) Internet allowed wrong credit reports
    1997.08.18  Crack a Mac front page got hacked at hacke.infinit.se
    1997.09.01  Altavista homepage got hacked (altavista.com)
    1997.09.15  hackers hit coca-cola web site
    1997.09.24  lince.com NT server got hakced
    1997.09.25  Florida State School of Criminalogy NT server got hacked
    1997.09.26  sterlingcorp.com NT server got hacked
    1997.09.26  US Geological Survey NT server got hacked
    1997.09.27  methodisthealth.com NT server got hacked
    1997.09.30  ValueJet homepage got hacked
    1997.10.01  hacker spoof SANS Security Digest newsletter; hacks into ClarkNet ISP
    1997.10.05  hackers get into www.pentagon-ai.army.mil home page
    1997.10.06  hacker breaks into Japan's Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT)
    1997.10.14  Yale e-mail account servers hacked; sniffer used
    1997.10.19  RSA's RC5 56-bit encryption key cracked by Bovine effort
    1997.10.31  Eugene Kashpureff arrested; redirected the NSI web page to his Alternic
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