[ISN] NFR and L0pht to Deliver Improved IDS

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Mar 02 1999 - 04:01:38 PST

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    NFR and L0pht to Deliver Best-of-Breed Intrusion Detection
    L0pht to use extensive knowledge of attack signatures to expand filter set
    for NFR software
    01 March 1999 Washington, DC and Boston, MA Network Flight Recorder®
    (Bloomberg Ticker: 9022Z EQUITY) and L0pht Heavy Industries, Inc. today
    announced a strategic relationship that redefines the boundaries for
    cooperation in intrusion detection. In a partnership that combines the
    respected "white-hat" knowledge of attack signatures with the industry
    leading intrusion detection engine, L0pht will create a large set of
    backends for the NFR software. 
    The backends, or filters, will provide users with real-time alerts for
    various types of intrusions and unwanted activity on their networks,
    including information gathering, denial of service, and network attacks.
    As soon as the NFR system is attached to the network, the new backends
    will begin watching for common and obscure attacks. 
    New backends, which will be provided to users on a monthly basis, will
    watch for the latest attacks.  Administrators can automatically push the
    new backends to remote NFR systems, without having to upgrade or modify
    any software. Because the backends will be written in N-Code, NFR's
    flexible open-standard traffic analysis specification language, users can
    examine and verify the underlying code, or modify them to match their
    internal security policies. 
    Commenting on the partnership, Marcus J. Ranum, President and CEO of
    Network Flight Recorder, noted, "L0pht has an amazing depth of information
    about system vulnerabilities, and are the ideal source for cutting edge
    intrusion detection signatures. By adding their 'white-hat' knowledge to
    our existing capabilities, we have an unbeatable combination. Today, NFR
    is the most popular intrusion detection and monitoring system for many of
    our users based on its powerful customizable capabilities – with the
    formation of this partnership we further cement our lead in the industry."
    In a recent user poll, NFR soundly outperformed intrusion detection
    products from Axent (NASDAQ: AXNT), ISS (NASDAQ: ISSX), and Cisco (NASDAQ:
    CSCO). "When real network managers and users rate your product as best,
    that’s satisfying," continues Ranum. "Our product shines where it
    matters the most: solving real problems and securing real networks for
    real network managers." 
    "Having the ability to handle strange network traffic in a flexible manner
    and the ability to tweak even the lowest level components of the intrusion
    detection engine offers a functionality scope and comfort level that other
    products simply cannot attain," said Dr. Mudge of L0pht Heavy Industries,
    Inc. "In this field the consumer is really purchasing an elevation in
    ‘peace-of-mind’  about the way their network works. This cannot
    be done on blind faith alone. NFR was the only commercial package capable
    of being used for intrusion detection that released full source code to
    the academic community. Combine this with the network and computer
    security expertise that is found at L0pht and the history that L0pht has
    for being a ‘consumer watchgroup’ – the two companies
    working together on projects was a logical next step." 
    The L0pht intrusion detection backends will be included in the next
    commercial release of the NFR software, scheduled for availability in
    early second quarter 1999. NFR software can be purchased from certified
    NFR resellers worldwide. 
    About Network Flight Recorder (NFR) 
    Network Flight Recorder, with offices around the United States and
    resellers worldwide, is a leading developer of intrusion detection,
    network traffic, and network analysis tools. The flexibility of the NFR
    software provides effective local and distributed misuse detection
    solutions for small, medium, and large environments. NFR’s highly
    customizable technology is deployed at more than 1,000 sites worldwide,
    including financial institutions, government, military and intelligence
    agencies, and Fortune 500 firms. NFR news and company information can be
    found on The Bloomberg under the ticker symbol: 9022Z EQUITY and on the
    World Wide Web at http://www.nfr.net. 
    About L0pht Heavy Industries, Inc. 
    L0pht [L0PHT] Heavy Industries, Inc., has been recognized as a collection
    of some of the top hackers in the US. Since the early 90s, L0pht has acted
    as a consumer watchgroup and underground engineering team whose goal has
    been improving computer and network security while educating users,
    programmers, and corporations. In 1997, L0pht released their Windows NT
    password-auditing tool, L0phtCrack, which quickly became the defacto
    standard auditing tool for both government and the commercial sector. On
    May 18, 1998, they presented expert testimony to the United States Senate
    on government systems security. The L0pht has appeared in Wired Magazine,
    Byte Magazine, various academic journals, BBC, The Washington Post, and
    numerous other publications.  http://www.L0pht.com. 
    Network Flight Recorder
    Barnaby Page
    barnaby_pageat_private L0pht Heavy Industries
    http://www.l0pht.com [L0PHT]
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