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Date: Mon Mar 08 1999 - 00:23:13 PST

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                         Call for Papers
                CQRE [Secure] Congress & Exhibition
           Duesseldorf, Germany, Nov. 30 - Dec. 2 1999
    provides a new international forum covering most aspects of
    information security with a special focus to the role of
    information security in the context of rapidly evolving economic
     Deadline for submission of extended abstracts: May 14, 1999
    website: http://www.secunet.de/forum/cqre.html
    mailing-list: send mailto:cqreat_private 
    (where the subject is "subscribe" without paranthesis)
    The "CQRE - secure networking" provides a new international
    forum giving a close-up view on information security in the context
    of rapidly evolving economic processes. The unprecedented
    reliance on computer technology transformed the previous technical
    side- issue "information security'' to a management problem
    requiring decisions of strategic importance. Hence, the targeted
    audience represents decision makers from government, industry,
    commercial, and academic communities. If you are developing
    solutions to problems relating to the protection of your country’s
    information infrastructure or a commercial enterprise, consider
    submitting a paper to the "CQRE - secure networking" conference.
    We are looking for papers and panel discussions covering:
    . electronic commerce
     - new business processes
     - secure business transactions
     - online merchandising
     - electronic payment / banking
     - innovative applications
    . network security
     - virtual private networks
     - security aspects in internet utilization
     - security aspects in multimedia-
    - intrusion detection systems
    . legal aspects
     - digital signatures acts
     - privacy and anonymity
     - crypto regulation
     - liability
    . corporate security
     - access control
     - secure teleworking
     - enterprise key management
     - IT-audit
     - risk / disaster management
     - security awareness and training
     - implementation, accreditation, and
       operation of secure systems in a
       government, business, or industry
    . security technology
     - cryptography
     - public key infrastructures
     - chip card technology
     - biometrics
    . trust management
     - evaluation of products and systems
     - international harmonization of security
       evaluation criterias
    . standardization
    . future perspectives
    Any other contribution addressing the involvement of IT security in
    economic processes will be welcome. Authors are invited to submit
    an extended abstract of their contribution to the program chair.
    The submissions should be original research results, survey
    articles or ``high quality'' case studies and position papers.
    Product advertisements are welcome for presentation, but will not
    be considered for the proceedings. Manuscripts must be in English,
    and not more than 2.000 words. The extended abstracts should be in
    a form suitable for anonymous review, with no author names,
    affiliations, acknowledgements or obvious references. Contributions
    must not be submitted in parallel to any conference or workshop
    that has proceedings. Separately, an abstract of the paper with no
    more than 200 words and with title, name and addresses (incl. an
    E-mail address) of the authors shall be submitted. In the case of
    multiple authors the contacting author must be clearly identified.
    We strongly encourage electronic submission in Postscript format.
    The submissions must be in 11pt format, use standard fonts or
    include the necessary fonts. Proposals for panel discussions should
    also be sent to the program chair. Panels of interest include those
    that present alternative/controversial viewpoints or those that
    encourage lively discussions of relevant issues. Panels that are
    collections of unrefereed papers will not be considered. Panel
    proposals should be a minimum of one page describing the subject
    matter, the appropriateness of the panel for this conference and
    should identify participants and their respective viewpoints.
    mailing list/ web-site:
    If you want to receive emails with subsequent Call for Papers and
    registration information, please send a brief mail to
    cqreat_private You will find this call for papers and further
    information at http://www.secunet.de/forum/cqre.html .
    important dates:
    deadline for submission of extended abstracts May 14, 1999
    deadline for submission of panel proposals    June 1, 1999
    notification of acceptance                   June 25, 1999
    deadline for submission of complete papers   July 30, 1999
    program chair:
    secunet - Security Networks GmbH
    c/o Rainer Baumgart 
    Weidenauer Str. 223 - 225
    57076 Siegen
    Tel.: +49-271-48950-15
    Fax:  +49-271-48950-50
    program committee:
    Johannes Buchmann   (TU Darmstadt)
    Dirk Fox            (Secorvo)
    Walter Fumy         (Siemens)
    Rüdiger Grimm       (GMD)
    Helena Handschuh    (ENST/Gemplus)
    Thomas Hoeren       (Uni Muenster)
    Pil Joong Lee       (POSTECH)
    Alfred Menezes      (U.o.Waterloo/Certicom)
    David Naccache      (Gemplus)
    Clifford Neumann    (USC)
    Mike Reiter         (Bell Labs)
    Matt Robshaw        (RSA)
    Richard Schlechter  (EU-comm.)
    Bruce Schneier      (Counterpane)
    Tsuyoshi Takagi     (NTT)
    Yiannis Tsiounis    (GTE Labs)
    Michael Waidner     (IBM)
    Moti Yung           (CERTCO)
    Robert Zuccherato   (Entrust)
    Subscribe: mail majordomoat_private with "subscribe isn".
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