[ISN] APIs Ease Management Of Security Policy

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Mar 09 1999 - 00:24:58 PST

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    Friday, March 5, 1999, 4:00 p.m. ET. 
    APIs Ease Management Of Security Policy
    New APIs could improve IT managers' ability to administer security
    policies across an enterprise. 
    The Management Software Development Kit, unveiled this week by Internet
    Security Systems Inc., will let suppliers and users meld security
    functions into existing network infrastructures, according to ISS
    officials. It was developed through the ISS Adaptive Network Security
    Alliance (ANSA). 
    IBM's Emergency Response Services (ERS) unit and Netrex Secure Solutions
    are using the development kit to integrate ISS' RealSecure intrusion
    detection engine into their portfolio of services, so users of their
    managed security services stand to benefit from the new APIs. 
    Beginning this month, IBM ERS will set up RealSecure systems at critical
    locations on users' networks to detect security violations, said Michael
    Puldy, global solutions director for ERS, a division of IBM Global
    Services. IBM currently uses Cisco's Netranger intrusion detection sensors
    to monitor users' networks. 
    Puldy said the ultimate goal is to have an infrastructure that is flexible
    enough to let ERS security operators monitor "best-of breed" tools from a
    single console. 
    "It's important to have an open architecture that allows us to be
    flexible. We want to be able to integrate [diverse tools into ERS
    services], whether our users choose" Cisco's Internetwork Operating System
    or some other platform, he said. 
    Netrex is using the Management Software Development Kit to improve the
    synergy between its Culprit monitoring and reporting console, RealSecure,
    and Remedy Corp.'s trouble ticket application. 
    Culprit will accept logs and alerts from RealSecure and open trouble
    tickets in the Remedy system, which will then be sent to engineers who
    will respond to any problems, said Mark Sims, president and CEO of Netrex. 
    The Management Software Development Kit also is now being used to
    integrate ISS' security products with enterprise systems management
    platforms such as Computer Associates International Inc.'s Unicenter TNG,
    Hewlett-Packard's OpenView Network Node Manager and Tivoli Systems Inc.'s
    Tivoli Enterprise Software. 
    IT managers "don't want a separate console" for management and security,
    said Glenn McGonnigle, vice president of business development at ISS.
    "They want to see the RealSecure engine within the context of an OpenView
    Supported by more than 50 networking and security vendors, ANSA is an
    initiative to deliver interoperable security products. 
    Documentation for the Management Software Development Kit is available for
    download from the ANSA Web site at www.ansa.iss.net. 
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