Re: [ISN] Pentagon and hackers in 'cyberwar'

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon Mar 15 1999 - 21:49:05 PST

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    Reply From: thomas lakofski <tommyat_private>
    On Sun, 14 Mar 1999, Dodger wrote:
    >                                                      As for Israel, I
    > continue to find it absolutely hysterical that the United States gives
    > grants or something like $2bn each year to a country which (a) is a
    > right-wing religious nation-state (not all that different from Iran,
    > really), (b) has an atrocious human-rights record, and (c) has a long
    > history of spying on America.  Someone's being played for a sucker and
    > it's not Israel. 
    On a little tangent, I find it interesting that 70% of the world's
    corporations use Checkpoint's Firewall-1 to defend their corporate
    networks.  I think there would be adequate opportunity for Israel's
    intelligence community to require subtle backdoors to be placed in the
    software.  By 'subtle' I mean that with a certain sequence of received
    packets (not encounterable in day to day operation -- probably with some
    kind of cryptographic challenge) the firewall could be made to turn over
    control to an outside party, if the designers so desired. Far-fetched?
    Quite likely, but do you have the source code?
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