Re: [ISN] Pentagon and hackers in 'cyberwar'

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Mar 17 1999 - 06:08:06 PST

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    Reply From: Aleph One <aleph1at_private>
    > Reply From: thomas lakofski <tommyat_private>
    > > On Sun, 14 Mar 1999, Dodger wrote:
    > >                                                      As for Israel, I
    > > continue to find it absolutely hysterical that the United States gives
    > > grants or something like $2bn each year to a country which (a) is a
    > > right-wing religious nation-state (not all that different from Iran,
    > > really), (b) has an atrocious human-rights record, and (c) has a long
    > > history of spying on America.  Someone's being played for a sucker and
    > > it's not Israel. 
    Then you obviously do no understand that a very large number of people
    that hold purse strings in this country are jews that support such
    policies, and that it is in the best interest of the United States to
    maintain Israel in a peaceful and balanced state vis-a-vis the large oil
    reserves that would possibly be jeopardize if war were to break out in the
    > On a little tangent, I find it interesting that 70% of the world's
    > corporations use Checkpoint's Firewall-1 to defend their corporate
    > networks.  I think there would be adequate opportunity for Israel's
    > intelligence community to require subtle backdoors to be placed in the
    > software.  By 'subtle' I mean that with a certain sequence of received
    > packets (not encounterable in day to day operation -- probably with some
    > kind of cryptographic challenge) the firewall could be made to turn over
    > control to an outside party, if the designers so desired. Far-fetched?
    > Quite likely, but do you have the source code?
    Its interesting to note how American only see issues from their point of
    view. What I find interesting that that the world over maintain their
    computer security by buying security software, firewalls, encryption,
    antivirus, etc from American countries when it is very well documented
    that the NSA has approached companies and attempted to weaken their
    products or add backdoors, and while it runs one of the largest
    intelligence network in the world known to spy on civilian traffic from
    "friendly" countries. 
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