[ISN] Judge takes Kevin Mitnick's Plea

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri Mar 26 1999 - 17:46:48 PST

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    Source: Press release from law offices of Don Randolph
         Today, Kevin Mitnick ended his forty-nine month battle with the
    Government by pleading guilty to some charges arising from his activities
    as a computer hacker.
         According to Donald C. Randolph, Mr. Mitnick's Attornry, the plea
    aggreement was substantially more favorable than the offer from the
    Governement in 1995.  The earlier offer allowed the Government to argue
    for up to eight years in custody, and gave the Court full discretion to
    impose an even greater sentance.  The current agreement, which allows no
    discretion to the Court, calls for a sentance of forty-six months for the
    pending charges (after substracting eight months from the already-served
    sentance from North Carolina).
         With credits for good time, Mr. Mitnick could be eligable for release
    to a half-way house by early Fall, 1999. However, his timely release from
    custody could be delayed by a pending State prosecution in Van Nuys,
    California for allegations of computer fraud.
         Attorney Donald C. Randolph declined to comment on the details of the
    plea agreement, except to say that his client is relieved to have achieved
    a level of certainty in resolving his on-going situation with the federal
    government.  Mr Randolph stated "my client can now see light at the end of
    the tunnel, and has a reasonable certainty that it is not another train
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