[ISN] Check Point Launches Address Mapping Technology

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri Mar 26 1999 - 17:45:27 PST

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    Check Point Launches Address Mapping Technology
    Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. introduced mapping technology
    yesterday that automatically matches an end user's identity to a
    dynamically assigned IP address. 
    Check Point says its User to Address Mapping technology will help IT
    managers track network use and enforce access policies in Dynamic Host
    Control Protocol, where IP addresses change often. A byproduct of Check
    Point's 1998 merger with MetaInfo, the technology is available as part of
    Check Point's Meta IP software for IP address management. 
    User to Address Mapping is also integrated with Check Point's Firewall 1
    and VPN 1 products. When IT managers use this technology in conjunction
    with their firewalls, they can control access: assign granular network
    privileges, track excessive Internet usage, and trace unauthorized IP
    addresses that cause conflicts that interrupt network service. 
    User to Address Mapping transparently maps four components -- a user's
    logon name, logon time, IP address, and Media Access Control address -- to
    a dynamically assigned IP address. An Enterprise Edition of the Meta IP
    4.1 product starts at $9,995 for a 1,000-node network. A version for
    smaller networks starts at $445 for a 100-node license.  -- Amy K. Larsen
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