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From: cult hero (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri Apr 30 1999 - 15:41:14 PDT

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    At 4:20 PM on Friday, the Secrets for Big Shots Co., Inc., 
    on the thirty-second floor of a Park Avenue high rise in 
    New York, is celebrating the boss's birthday.  Everyone is 
    looking forward to the weekend.  The elevator bell rings, 
    the door opens, and into the reception area walks a 
    telephone company man.  He's dressed in jeans, a Nynex 
    workshirt, a white and blue telephone company hardhat, and 
    his belt full of tools and phone gear.  In his hand is yet 
    another mysterious-looking piece of electronic gear.  He 
    says to the receptionist, "Jeeeez, what a day," as he wipes 
    his sweaty forehead.  The receptionist barely glances at 
    him, more interested in the revelry behind the glass doors 
    where the cake is being cut.
       "Yeah, Thank God it's Friday," she agrees.
       "I really hate these last minute emergancies.  I was on 
    my way out to the shore for the weekend. . . ."
       "What's wrong" the receptionist asks.  If the phone goes 
    down, it makes her look bad.
       The phone man smiles.  "Nothing for you to worry about.  
    Simplex Corp. on the seventeenth floor lost half of their 
    lines and I've got to fix them before I can get out of here.  
    Where's the phone room?"
       "Oh, yeah. Sure."  She hands him the keys.  "It's over 
    there.  And do me a favor?"
       "Sure," the phone man responds.  "Whatever."
       "If I'm gone when you're through, put the keys back in 
    the top drawer?  I'm kind of new and . . ." she hesitates.
       "No problem.  Most bosses are jerks anyway, and don't know 
    what real work is all about."
       "Gee, thanks," she says, smiling a big appreciative smile.
       The "phone man" opens the closet, located next to elevators 
    where it was easy to install long wires up and down the height 
    of the building.  But, in this phone closet, the Secrets for 
    Big Shots Co., Inc. also put a lot of its network controls.  
    It's a lot easier to run the phone and network wires at the 
    same time and thus put the control gear in the same place.
       He walks into the small phone closet, turns on the lights 
    and, just as he expected, a dissying maze of wires, boxes, 
    power cords, blinking lights, and racks full of equipment fill 
    the room.  He smiles.  This is perfect.
       He takes a small donut-shaped piece of metal from his belt, 
    opens it, snaps it tightly around one of the wires.  He then 
    plugs a small wire from the metal clamp to the box he carried, 
    and then plugs it into the wall.  Power on.  Lights on.  Good, 
    everything seems to work.  He moves a few wires and proceeds to 
    hide the box and the clamp behind a large rack that contains a 
    seemingly endless array of electronic gear.  He brings out a 
       "Well?" he asks.
       The reciever cracles.  "We got it.  Not much traffic, but 
    enough to show it works."
       "Ten four."
       The phone man slaps the walkie-talkie back in his belt, opens 
    the door, turns out the light, and hands the keys back to the 
       "Done already?" she asks.
       "Yeah. I was lucky.  It was just a dirty connection.  Looks 
    like I might beat the traffic yet!  Have a great weekend."
       "Thanks.  You too."
       Obviously this wasn't the case of a phone man fixing a 
    faulty line.  It was the Information Warrior installing a 
    passive network sniffer which also contained a small radio 
    transmitter.  The radio broadcasts all of the data and passwords 
    that the network processes to a remote reciever.  Invisible. 
    Passive.  Insidious.
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