Re: [ISN] The Bad Guys Are Crackers

From: cult hero (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri Apr 30 1999 - 15:50:18 PDT

Response From: Andreas Bogk <andreasat_private>

> of the word. The correct way to describe someone who circumvents computer
> security is a system "cracker." These malcontents are well known for
> breaking into the Pentagon, several defense contractors, various ISPs, and
> other supposedly secure systems. They have shared classified documents on
> the Net, given copy-protected software away, stolen credit card
> information and, in the process, made the online community nervous. Most
> of the system crackers I know are either in jail, have been in jail or are
> going to jail. 

Sorry, but I disagree strongly here. The term "cracker" is used by a
specific group of people to describe themselves, namely those who enjoy to
find ways around software copy protection systems. Most of those guys are
hackers in the traditional sense of someone who enjoys technology, pushes
it's limits and develops a deep understanding of it's nature. They don't
do it for the value of the software, but for learning. Heck, I've been a
cracker in that sense too back when I was a teenager, and it was of great
benefit for my debugging skills. 

The household term for the people you describe is "script kiddies"  when
they are young and don't know what they are doing, or, when they should
know better, criminals. Some of those script kiddies could actually become
hackers in the traditional sense, if you feed their curiosity. 


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