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Date: Tue May 11 1999 - 16:06:39 PDT

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    The Digital Detective Workshop
    Digital evidence acquisition tools and techniques are demonstrated 
    in this "hands-on"computer investigations training seminar. 
    Who's using your company's computers? Are they:
    * Working, or playing games and surfing the Internet? 
    * Accessing your confidential files? 
    * Leaking proprietary data by E-Mail? 
    * Downloading illegal files or images? 
    * Storing personal info on company PCs? 
    * Committing fraud against the company? 
    * Juggling the company payroll records? 
    * Using E-Mail for "Flames" or sexual harassment?
    Are you prepared for these scenarios:
    * An employee left and changed critical computer passwords? 
    What do you do?
    * An employee is using company computers for illegal purposes. 
    What do you do?
    * A female employee receives sexually harrassing e-mail anonymously. 
    What do you do?
    * You seize a computer and need to develop evidence of wrongdoing. 
    What do you do?
    * You're company is based in Texas and you need to supervise employee computer
    use in twenty-two cities around the world. 
    What do you do?
    Who should attend this workshop?
    * Law enforcement personnel charged with the investigation of computer crime
    * Corporate security personnel charged with computer security and incident
    * Private Investigators hired to assist in computer related investigations.
    What we'll cover: 
    * Types of Computer Crime 
    * Cyber Law Basics
    * How to Bypass Passwords 
    * How to Crack Encrypted Files
    * How to Trace the Source of E-Mail 
    * How to Track a Suspect Online 
    * How to Track Online Activity 
    * How to Track Software Piracy 
    * How to Track Stolen Laptops & PCs 
    * How to Match a Diskette to a PC 
    * How to Recover Deleted Data 
    * Data Hiding Techniques 
    * Text Search Techniques
    * Finding Disguised or Hidden Images 
    * How to Find Unique Identifiers in Documents
    * How to Remotely Monitor a Target PC 
    * How to Find Clandestine Web Sites 
    * Social Engineering in Chat Rooms 
    * Types of Investigative Software
    Actual "Hands-On" Demonstrations of the latest High-Tech Evidence Gathering
    Don't miss the Digital Detective Workshop!
    Each Participant will receive a CD-ROM with a demonstration copy of the various
    software and PowerPoint presentations used during the seminar. 
    Each Participant will receive a Certificate of Attendance
    Seminar Date: June 11th, 1999
    Codex Data Systems 
    Regional Training Center, Bardonia, New York 
    (just 20 Miles Northwest of New York City) 
    Seminar Fee: $495.00 per participant 
    Visa - Mastercard - American Express Accepted
    US Government Impact Cards Accepted
    Complimentary refreshments will be served
    Please forward/fax agency/business letterhead with attendee's name(s) 
    to reserve your seat. 
    Register now . . . seating is limited.
    For further information, contact:
    Codex Data Systems, Inc. 
    167 Route 304 
    Bardonia, New York 10954 USA 
    Tel: 914-627-0011 
    Fax: 914-627-0211 
    E-Mail: cdsat_private 
    Or visit our website at: <http://www.codexdatasystems.com/ddw.html> 
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