[ISN] SANS Web Briefing, (What an attacker knows about you)

From: cult hero (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri May 28 1999 - 00:16:13 PDT

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    Forwarded From: The SANS Institute <sansat_private>
    The SANS institute Invites you to participate next Tuesday in a pair of
    free web broadcasts on Intrusion Detection.  You don't have to leave
    your office or home, but you must register in advance to receive the
    user name and password.  You can listen to both presentations or
    just one of them.
    Date: Tuesday June 1, 1999
    Time: 1 pm EDT, 12 noon, CDT, 11 am MDT, 10 am PDT, 5 pm GMT
    FIRST HOUR:  What The Attackers Know About You, Part Five:
                 Watching An Attacker At Work
    SECOND HOUR: The first SANS ToolTalk: How To use TripWire Effectively
    This month's expanded Web Briefing offers a unique and fascinating
    opportunity to watch over the shoulder of an attacker as he prepares a
    compromised system to be used to launch attacks on other computers on
    the Internet.  Stephen Northcutt (author of the new "Incident Response,
    An Analyst's Handbook") will show you how the attacker worked, the phases
    and process he used, the complexity of the process, and what to look
    for when monitoring for attackers.  He'll also give you additional
    real-world information to help educate your managers on why even systems
    that do not hold critical data need to have protection. The attack is
    real, recorded during Christmas of 1998.
    In the second hour of this month's briefing, SANS first ToolTalk will
    help you conquer the challenges involved in deploying TripWire to
    instrument your important systems to ensure that no critical files have
    been altered.  Many errors are too easily made in using this important
    and popular tool; this briefing will help you learn the lessons of the
    [Note from Rob: As prep for Tuesday, I've just listened in on the tapes.
    Stephen's talk taking one through the wanderings of the attacker is
    absolutely fascinating!]
    Register today; there's no cost: http://www.sans.org/jun1.htm
    Just fill in your e-mail address if you're already on this mailing list.
    Be sure to be ready with your live (via e-mail) questions for some of
    the authors after the talk!
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