[ISN] NASA Vulnerabilities Are Potentially Deadly

From: cult hero (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri May 28 1999 - 00:12:31 PDT

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    NASA Leakage -- Deadly Leakage
    135 out of 155 NASA computer systems were found vulnerable by NSA hackers,
    reported the General Accounting Office.  The GAO, however, didnīt say what
    was contained on those systems -- they simply called them "mission
     critical."  The fact is, however, that thereīs a lot more to these
    systems than NASA missions. 
    "[Some NASA software has] the functionality of serving in the capacity of
    a munition's guidance system," said an anonymous source inside NASA.  The
    weight of such a statement is quite obvious.  "The software, however,
    would require a certain amount of modification and adaptation to
    accommodate the purpose [of nuclear weapons guidance]," the source
    The pattern is clear: earlier this year, the world learned of espionage at
    Department of Energy laboratories in which neutron bomb technology was
    stolen.  At this point, there is no evidence that guidance technology from
    NASA computers has been stolen.  The fact remains, however, that China has
    a dedicated force of computer hackers who do nothing but probe US
    Government computers.  Their missing NASA would be extraordinarily
    The most damning evidence, reported by two anonymous NASA employees,
    states that NASA has known about security holes in its Information
    Technology facilities for more than a year.  According to them, "Security
    has consistently been reduced to a reactive role in every part of the
    agency.  [IT] which has long been identified as vulnerable is not
    prohibited."  In fact, one went so far as to suggest that it would take a
    fundamental change of NASA leadership to create any true security at the
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