[ISN] What's a Little Hacking Between Friends?

From: cult hero (jerichoat_private)
Date: Sun May 30 1999 - 02:29:38 PDT

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    What's a Little Hacking Between Friends?
    Spin debates hacking: Enjoyable hobby or criminal activity?
    How much does hacking hurt? The companies hacked by Kevin Mitnick say the
    intrusions cost them millions of dollars in lost business and damages--
    and they're handing him a collective restitution bill of $300 million. 
    Mitnick's lawyer, Don Randolph, says it's moot. Mitnick has spent years in
    jail, and when he gets out will be forbidden to touch a computer. Even
    discounting his legal bills, Mitnick is broke. 
    Trying to decide how harmful hacking really is sent the Spin panel into a
    tizzy.  ZDTV's managing editor, Shauna Sampson, aligned with Forbes'
    Dennis Kneale to play down the dark side of hacking, while Suzanne
    Anderson from GlobalNet Ventures looked at the cost to businesses. 
    Finally, Spencer Ante of thestreet.com discussed how these financials can
    affect the market. 
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