Re: [ISN] "Top secret" laptop reported missing

From: Darren Reed (darrenrat_private)
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 03:31:14 PDT

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    In some email I received from William Knowles, sie wrote:
    > For the life of me, I can't understand how the British seem to lose
    > so many laptops with sensitve information on them, When I travel with
    > a laptop I watch it better than some of my fellow travelers watch
    > their own children, and my laptop isn't packed with national defence
    > secrets.
    > If memory serves me correctly, this is the second laptop reported lost
    > in the back of a taxi. About now it would seem like a good idea to
    > have the MoD use their own drivers shuttling personnel around over
    > taking a cab.
    And you've never left something behind in a taxi or on a bus/train before?
    I imagine to many of these folks, their laptop isn't seem as a prized
    posession as it is to us geeks :)  I've left god knows how many umbrellas
    behind on trains, usually as a result of waking up as the train pulls into
    my station and being in a rush not to miss my stop.  I even once left a
    couple of O'Rielly books I'd just bought behind once, having been distracted
    by other things in the carriage (books behind and below my feet were quite
    simply forgotten about until I was off it looking back as it pulled away).
    "Other things" being made of a much softer `fabric' ;)  In reality, it is
    not that hard to imagine these things being "left behind".
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