[ISN] Law review article on computer security and liability

From: ethan preston (prestoneat_private)
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 18:54:43 PDT

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    Computer owners have property rights and property-like rights (like the
    protections of computer fraud laws or the Electronic Communications
    Privacy Act) in their computers and the data stored within the computers
    These rights are important. Without property rights, computer owners
    have no legal recourse when their computers are abused via the Internet.
    It is also problematic. Most Internet use involves computers that are
    not one's own. With unchecked property rights, Internet users are at the
    mercy of computer owners. The problem is coming up with a coherent,
    consistent, predictable system of determining which interactions with a
    computer will cause liability? This article proposes such a system.
    The article is available online at:
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