[ISN] Internet Security Pioneer, Bill Cheswick, to receive TISC CLUE Award

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Date: Sun Apr 22 2001 - 23:01:25 PDT

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    LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA - April 23, 2001 - The Internet Security
    Conference (TISC) announced it will present the 2nd annual TISC CLUE
    Award to Bill Cheswick, Internet security pioneer and Chief Scientist
    of Lumeta Corp. The TISC CLUE Award seeks to recognize outstanding
    achievement in the sharing of knowledge regarding Internet security
    systems issues, design and deployment.
    The TISC CLUE Award presentation will take place at 12:15: p.m.,
    Wednesday, June 6th, at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles,
    California. The award presentation will be followed by Mr. Cheswick's
    own keynote address to TISC, entitled, "Mapping and Visualizing the
    Internet and Intranets." http://www.tisc2001.com/keynote2.html
    Bill "Ches" Cheswick has worked on operating-system security for
    nearly 30 years. In 1987, Cheswick joined Bell Labs (now Lucent
    Technologies) as a member of the technical staff. Once described as
    the "sweet but feral hacker-in-residence at Bell Labs," Cheswick
    worked on firewalls, network security, PC viruses, mailers and
    interactive science exhibits. He co-authored the first full book on
    Internet security in 1994 and is a highly sought speaker on the
    The Internet maps he has created with Hal Burch have appeared on the
    cover of Nature, in Wired, and the National Geographic. Ches recently
    left Bell Labs to join Lumeta Corp., which is mapping and scanning
    corporate intranets. In his spare time he launches high-power rockets
    with his wife, works on exhibits for science museums, and automates
    his home.
    "Bill Cheswick epitomizes what the TISC Clue Award is all about,"
    explained Fred Avolio, an Internet security systems veteran of 10
    years and president of Avolio Consulting. "Not only does Bill come up
    with fabulously interesting ideas, he researches them and if something
    interesting comes of it, he is not happy unless he can teach others.
    Through it all, he always manages to entertain, educate, and
    "Bill Cheswick opened our eyes to how vulnerable a broadly
    Internet-connected world could be in 'Firewalls & Internet Security',
    which he wrote with Steve Bellovin in 1994," explains Dave Piscitello,
    president of Corecom and TISC founder and conference chair. "Many of
    the recommendations he and Steve made in 1994 are industry best
    practices today. And Ches has continued to contribute ever since. He's
    earned this acknowledgement and more."
    The TISC CLUE Award presentation is part of the TISC Open House that
    includes the TISC CLUE presentation, the CTO Roundtable and TISC
    Exhibitor Product Showcase. The TISC Open House is free and open to
    the public with advance registration prior to May 31, 2001. See
    http://www.tisc2001.com/open_house.html for more TISC Open House
    With a comprehensive 5-day curriculum on secure computing and
    internetworking, TISC offers the most accomplished and recognized
    experts in the industry who provide attendees with the tools needed to
    help protect their networks, and to conduct successful forensic
    analysis should they fall prey to attackers.
    See http://www.tisc2001.com/agenda.html for the complete TISC agenda.
    See http://www.tisc2001.com/faculty.html for TISC faculty bios.
    Registration is now open to professionals wishing to stay on top of
    the latest technology, product and practice innovations needed to
    achieve security in an online environment. Conference and workshop
    tuition ranges from $445 to $2,900, with free admission to the TISC
    Open House, Wednesday afternoon with advance registration at
    Sponsored by Key3Media Group, AtomicTangerine, Symantec, and Trend
    Micro, TISC is presented by Core Competence and Mactivity. Online
    registration is now open at http://www.tisc2001.com. For more
    information on TISC 2001 in Los Angeles, please visit
    http://www.tisc2001.com or call 800-798-2928 or +1 408-354-2500.
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