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Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 01:27:29 PDT

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    Well it appears that one of those idle dusty ones and zeros that get
    collected over the years through e-mail and whatnot belongs to someone
    else, and just before sending tonight's mail I found out from a kinda
    crabby mail from a director with the Terrorism Research Center that
    yesterday's posting on Calendar of Significant Dates in May was
    originally from Terrorism Research Center - www.terrorism.com
    and the site was: http://www.terrorism.com/calendar/Calendar.html
    Since I have been asked to refrain from posting TRC material in the
    future and since the Calendar of Significant Dates is compiled from
    data from the U.S. Department of State and other sources, it probably
    won't stop me from creating a house version of the calender of
    signifcant dates HTML calender and maybe a screen-saver (as was
    recommended by one ISN reader) from open sources, the Department of
    State, news reports, and Miss Cleo. It will just take a little longer.
    While I'm at it, and speaking of the Department of State, They just
    released their Patterns of Global Terrorism 2000 at:
    I wonder if I will be getting a note from Miss Cleo next?
    In other news, sorry about the large influx of information security
    news in your mailbox, With this Chinese - American cyberwar going on
    (Cough cough) there is just so much quality information out there. I
    might take a poll sometime in the future on whether or not to restrict
    the post to five to seven posts a night or just try to keep things
    under 15 posts during times of crisis like this.
    There have been some ISN subscribers leaving the list because of the
    amount of posts, who have stayed on since I talked them into the
    digest mode of ISN, So that information is as follows.
    Mail listserv at: listservat_private
    and in the body of the message type:
    SET ISN DIGEST FOR yournameat_private
    Yournameat_private is YOUR e-mail address, You would be suprised
    how many people sign up for this list using "subscribe isn firstname
    lastname" and their name for is Firstname Lastname. :)
    William Knowles
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